Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mission Accepted! The Secret Style Suite Party by Mom's Fashion File

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Not only did Mom's Fashion File put on an amazing day of makeovers for 12 of us very grateful bloggers, but they also through a party that night as well!  The view was stunning from the Elevation Suite at the Hard Rock Hotel and everyone came dressed to impress.  There were delicious cocktails using Ciao Bella Gelatos and Sorbets.  There was an area showcasing the newest Stokke products (love, love, love the designs!).  There was a bright and cheery candy bar courtesy of Plum District and yummy drinks from Trop50.  Those adorable ladies at the top right are the amazing crew from Mom's Fashion File.  And the lovely ladies near the bottom right are some of my fave OC ladies, Jen of Tiny Oranges and hair expert, Tera Rae Stephens.  

Speaking of Plum District, have you signed up yet?  I know there are a ton of deal sites out there but Plum District is fast becoming a favorite of mine.  You already know how it works, you get an email sharing deals in your area, but what makes Plum District extra special is that their deals are geared towards moms.  I have bought several deals already and have been tempted on dozens more.  And the website is just really pretty.  And that goes a long way with me. 

I got a few more minutes with Cheryl at the party but still feel I need more time with her.  She's freaking funny.  And there is my sweet Amy (and of Operation Shower).  I did get to pal around with her at the party and she helped me calm my nerves about the fashion show I had to take part in!  Yup, a fashion show.  Um, I may come off extroverted but I really don't like the spotlight (which you probably aren't buying because of the amazing amounts of photos I've posted of myself lately - but its true!)

The top left is me trying to act natural, like I always twirl around on a pink carpet in front of a huge group and camera lights.  Cut to super fake smile, trying to be casual and charming while pretending that no one is looking at me.  And finally the group shot (or group shot where I looked cutest but half the girls are cut out) of the rest of the makeover winners.  And scene.  Sigh of relief.  It took all of 2 minutes but had my heart racing.  
At the end of the party, these amazing woven bags were handed out courtesy of Plum District.  They were filled with goodies like Johnson and Johnson products, coupons and recipes for Ciao Bella and so much more! 

It was the perfect way to wrap up the awesome experience that was my makeover.  If you missed that post, go here

Mom's Fashion File is a collaboration of bloggers who are moms, are cool and know their stuff.  If you aren't a regular reader, you should go ahead and start now.  They are like your cool best friend recommending the best items for your family.  

See the full makeover gallery here.
See the full party gallery here. 

All photos by Bella Diva Photo

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