Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blogher '11 Recap - Coming Soon!

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I didn't go to Lalapalooza when I was in high school.  And I always regretted it.  Sure, it is back but it is different.  Perry Farrell is a father now and though I imagine he's still quite the rocker, I will never truly know what the original incarnation of the show was like.  So I couldn't let Blogher go by without attending.  I know there are other conferences that might be better suited to my niche or allow me to meet more like-minded people face to face, but it wouldn't be the monster that is Blogher.  And it was in San Diego!  No plane ride needed.  I can't wait to share all the amazing people that I met and experiences that I had.  I uncovered some amazing products and cool new programs that I think you should all know about.  I'm still missing one camera cord so my photo downloading is at a standstill.  So instead of stressing, I'm going to go play with my kids.  I'm going to tell them again how I got to meet Buddy from Dinosaur Train so they think I'm a total rockstar.  Oh and did I mention that I got styled by a real-life rockstar stylist?  It's all coming in the next few days!  Stay tuned...

Photo is the view from our room (our being myself and Amy - the world's BEST roommate and conference partner in crime)

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