Monday, August 15, 2011

Blogher 11: Fine Dining in San Diego with Delightful Ladies

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Blogher was SO much fun!  I learned a little, was introduced to some great new products and connected with so many wonderful ladies.  Thursday night was was a nice mellow night, the perfect way to kick off my inaugural visit to the largest blogging conference in the galaxy (may be an exaggeration).  I was super excited to be able to dress up, wear shoes with heels and actually brush my hair for a night out with the ladies.  And don't forget that almost all of my jewelry for the weekend was provided by Stella and Dot.  How great is this first necklace, The Leona?!  And I could wear their wrap bracelets every day.  And please let me just point out that although my pose is a bit awkward, like you've caught me mid jazzercise, my right thigh looks skinny and awesome!  This is my new "go to" pose and will require an extra 12 inches on my right side for anyone interested in taking a photo with me.  Please let me know if your "good side" happens to be on your left side as then we will be photo compatible.  And this is my favorite purse for going out!  Its a Lockheart (can't remember the name of the style) and is radical.  It comes with a chain to add to wear over your shoulder but I prefer to use the single handle at the top.  While the handle is short, you can either carry it in your hand or on your fore arm.  And it's big and small.  Yeah, I said that together.  And some of you probably even know what I mean.  The shape is sort of narrow and long so you can hold a lot without feeling like you are carrying an adult diaper bag.  

Amy, of Amy's Kitchen Table was the perfect partner in crime and roommate.  But I did think I was going to have to hold her earrings while she beat up the crooked bike taxi driver who tried to extort money from us.  As we are two girls who follow the rules, we certainly didn't feel like we could walk away from the guy but we were quite literally and figuratively taken for a ride.  But it did get us to our dinner destination, Searsucker, in no time at all.  This is a Top Chef contestant's restaurant, and while I do love myself some reality tv, I had also heard great things about the food.  And I was super excited to see the design.  I've pulled several images of the dining room for inspirational purposes so to finally get to see it in person was cool.  The food didn't disappoint and neither did the company.  

Amy, Janel and I at Searsucker {San Diego}
Dinner was shared with Chris of Celebrations at Home and Lindsey, Bev and Janel of Glue Dots.  Janel and I have been working on projects for a while now and it was so great to finally meet in person!  

I have been waiting foreva, eva to meet this adorable, little lady.  Chris at Celebrations at Home is just as lovely in person as I thought she would be.  I was beyond excited that she flew in for the Hostess with the Mostess shindig but it didn't feel fair that I would only get her for two days.  And she's two feet shorter than me so hugging her probably made it look like I was trying to mug her.  She likes the rap music like I do.  Just saying.  After dinner the fine ladies from Glue Dots went off to sponsor a shindig that we weren't invited to so we decided to try out our first Blogher party.  It was all about the newest toys that were coming out and I knew that if my kids were mad at me for being gone, I was sure to bring home some cools swag to win them over.  I was not wrong.  I'll share some of my fave toys picks tomorrow!  

There will be several days of Blogher wrap up posts to come.  Sorry if you guys are sick of hearing about it but it was a good time.  

All photos mine except for the photo of Amy, Janel and I taken by Lindsey from Glue Dots.


Jenny @ Hank + Hunt said...

I LOVE that blouse!! You have to tell me where you got it! Have to. period. And yes! That pose makes you look uber skinny! How gorgeous are you! I love hearing about the good times, and love pictures! YAY!

Melissa C said...

Super adorable & skinny pose! Looks like a blast. :)

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Oh Yeah, like you NEED a paparazzi pose to look even more skinny & more fabulous! I, on the other hand, could use a little sum'm sum'm to look decent in that photo - that's what happens when you get a haircut 1 week before the biggest event of the year.

Now, I'm ready for a real girls weekend that does not require business activities, but does require hip hop & wine ; D

Sara said...

Can I just tell you that you crack me up! I not only love reading your blog because of your wit, you make me feel as if I was there right along with you! I am making note of your new pose so that if a photo op comes up in the future I can comply with your new regulations!

lauren said...

I need your jacket/shirt thingy. ps- nice leg:) i'm trying that this weekend.


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