Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mini and Maximus - Sale Time!

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YOU. GUYS!  My fave kids t-shirt company, Mini and Maximus, is having a really great sale.  For real.  You simply must rush over and pick some up for back to school.  Well, I guess you should only do it if you want your kid to be the coolest one there and totally best dressed.  If you want them to be boring and lame then don't even bother looking at this site.  My kid will be the one in the cool "eye" design.  

Here is my son leading a marching band singing Happy Birthday to his great grandma at her 90th bday party
(do you hear that grandmas...that is the only one I bought - feel free to choose any other design except for the "don't grow up" which we already have.  O is a size 8.  But no pressure)  

Go.  Now! 

And then check out their ridiculously awesome and inspiring blog.  


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