Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June Inspiration Board Challenge - The Final Board

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If you have clicked over from any of my links recently to Cakes Likes a Party, then you know how talented Annika is.  I had no doubts that her inspiration board would turn out amazing.  And at the time I didn't know that she had two little boys and, like me, is dying inside to host a girly little party instead of Monkeys Donkys Robots and Pinatas

This inspiration piece couldn't have been better.  It allowed her to put together a sweet (yet salty) party that is totally different than our usual affairs.  I want to have this party.  Who is with me?  (Do I say that about every inspiration board??? - I'm pretty sure I do because they are all so great!)

Here is what Annika had to say about this party:

I loved this image so much because though it's pink and ballerina-ey, it's also tough as nails. And if you think about it, ballerinas are pretty bad-A because their toes may be mashed and smashed but they have smiles on their faces and buns on their heads.

Immediately I thought of a 21st birthday party. Just like a tough ballerina, a 21-year-old gal is walking through the door where sweet innocence meets the edgy real world. I am envisioning this party in a beautiful field where the guests will all sit inside a tough geo-dome to dine that's decked out all girly inside. Dance the night away, then all pack in the airstream for a ride home from the caterers. Huh? Well, an airstream caterer (do they exist? If not, they should!) will feed you and be parked right next to the geo-dome just to look super cute. The rest is kind of explained below. 

Photo Sources:
21 poster - to hang above the Birthday girl's chair
Airstream - to be served out of. Basically a mobile kitchen.
Plate - to eat upon, silly.
Word confetti - all over the floor to dance on and throw at each other
Mini berry cakes - who needs food?
Gnarly bracelet - to use as napkin ring then take home as a party favor
Place cards - to put peeps in their place
Pretty, but tough, flowers - to add some loveliness
Black stemware - No more solo cups for you!
Geo-dome - where the party will be set
Black poster - The look of the invitation
Ballet slippers - Tough & Sweet! The inspiration piece!
Black chandelier - overhead
Chevron napkins - wipe your face, dear.
Look like a biker angel - Tough and beautiful! Just like all 21 year olds should be!

Puh-Lease!  This party could not be more my style.  Annika and I might be the same person (ok, her taste is totally better than mine).  That tent!!!  Those black glasses (which my mom in law has - including shot glasses, champagne flutes, goblets - And I'm not sure if she knows that I am totally coveting them.  And that I know where she stores them.  But I would never take them.  At least all at once.  I think it would be easier to sneak one piece at a time.  Oh no, I've said too much!)  So I know I just had a birthday and all, but let's put this party on the list of parties to throw me.  

Thank you for participating Annika!  Can't wait to see you again soon!



Jenny @ Hank + Hunt said...

AH-MAZING! I think this is fabulous. Truly one of my favorite boards...aw, hell. For sure, my favorite board ever with ballet pink. EVEREVER.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo!!!! You're the cutest Sharon! Let's throw this together!!! (Though I don't know where we could secure a geo-dome in SoCal? Hee hee!) Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Jazz K said...

Woah! This party is amazing, stylish, and right up my alley. Replace it with orange and you might as well have my 21st party already planned.


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