Thursday, July 7, 2011

Children's Party Network So Cal Meet Up!

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You guys!  How fun does this meet up sound?!  If you aren't a member of Children's Party Network yet, you should rush right over and sign up (its free).  What the heck is it, you ask?  Its an awesome place to meet other party lovers - everyone one from professionals to plain old mom's like me who want to share ideas and support each other.  The coolest part is that they are hosting a meet up for So Cal.  You all should totally go.  See info above and click here.  I bought my ticket one morning and that afternoon got an invite in the mail for a friend's wedding.  Boo!  (I mean, yeah for them and love and unions and cake but I really wanted to go to this!) 

It will be a super fun chance to go out to dinner, meet some great party ladies and take some fun goodies home.  I am super bummed that I won't be getting any glittery goodness from The Purple Pug (who is scheduled to appear via the goodie bag). 

Can't wait to hear all about how this turns out and when they will have another one. :) 

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