Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The start of a series?

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You never know how M is going to wake up from nap time.  Some days he's super sweet and happy.  Other days, he's cranky and salty like in the photo above.  When O is not at school, he loves to run in the room and try to convince me to put him in the crib with his brother.  The answer is always no because it really just makes M more mad.  But  AGAINST MY BETTER JUDGEMENT (and what I title this photo series), I let it happen.

And just as suspected, the jumping began.  Notice M had already been removed from the crib at this point and O was left to entertain himself. 

Soon the jumping turned to rock band practice complete with air guitar and "singing" at the top of his lungs. 

And I just let it happen some more.  

Because this face makes whatever crib damage that may have occurred all worth it.  Pure joy. 

I would like to note that I removed my younger son from the room so he would not witness the amount of fun that can be had by jumping in the crib.  And a few days later my youngest son (who still sleeps in the crib) handed me some screws...as in more than one, like 3 screws.  I just knew it was a result of the jumping incident.  My hubby assured me that the crib doesn't actually need them.  They are just extras...And I will now no longer be able to sleep at night until we get him a toddler bed.

Lesson learned. 



Melissa C said...

Such sweet photos!

Desi said...

I love the lighting in these pics...nice job Sharon!


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