Thursday, June 16, 2011

Confetti Lab at the Party Pantry!!!!

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I am SO freaking excited about this event!  If you are in the So Cal area, you should be too!  Some totally creative ladies came together to put on Confetti Lab and I can barely contain myself.  Lauren of A Fabulous Fete has let me in on a little of what we can expect and it's going to be bonkers!  Lauren, along with Eva (The Wedding Party Pantry) and Brittany (Spruce PR), are hosting a really cool party...about parties!  Genius! 

Lauren  created this inspiration board for the event and I'm totally in to this vibe.  A little desert, a little summer and a lot of awesome.  

YEAH!  I love that not only will you get to learn how to make party crafts, but you can also purchase items from some super amazing vendors.  From what I hear, the vendors will be:

Blair Britt ~ who I had seen at a Wedding Pantry event before and LOVED her stuff!  This time she will have party printables!!!  And check out her awesome blogs too - Joie De Vie and Blair Britt Events

Lauren Elise ~ she has a ridiculously cool Etsy shop and super amazing crafty blog - I'm a super fan.

This is Post Modern ~ Wooden letters and numbers. 

Will Lauren have some of her own items available??????? I  hope so!!! 

And that is just in the boutique area!!  Two party areas will be in full effect and the girls have put together a great mix of treats for attendees.  There will be tacos!  There will be delicious cocktails by Tres Sietes Tequila.  But let's really focus in on why I will be there,  the desserts.  The Kupcake Spot will have mojito cupcakes (my fave), Dolce Vista will have Mexican hot chocolate (my fave!) and churro (my fave) cupcakes and Somedays Bake Shop will be providing Horchata cupcakes (while the name does not appeal to me you know if it is frosted I will eat it and I will probably love it.)

And gift bags!  No good party is complete without a gift bag on departure.  :) 

Oh and did I mention that I got to sneak a listen to an amazing party playlist that is being provided by Hi Fi Weddings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah,  this party is going to rock! 

Check out the window Lauren created for the month of June at the Wedding Pantry, here.
And if this confetti doesn't make you want to come, I don't know what will! 

This party is FREE! just RSVP here so they can keep a tentative head count.  Its from 6-9pm at The Wedding Pantry (which is calling itself The Party Pantry for the evening - see, on account of because they sell things that work for parties too, not just weddings!)

Local bloggers, let's meet up!  Email me if you are going (!  And please help spread the word of this fabulous event! 

But seriously, if you have any parties to host this year, you won't want to miss this party about parties!!!  Now, off to plan my outfit...I only have a week! 

(I was not given photo sources for the inspiration board...sorry!)


Jenny @ Hank + Hunt said... I am completely jealous. What fun!

lauren said...

awesome! your post was better and even more informative than mine:) can i copy it? just kidding... thanks thanks thanks! can't wait to see you there... and what you wear:)

Lauren Elise Crafted said...

So excited to meet! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon! I think I am going to make it! Working on a b-sitter but should be able to get there. Whoo hoo! Sounds amazing!


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