Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why this girl needs a party - please vote!

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Last week I saw a link on Dough a Deer's twitter that they were holding a contest and giving away a bunch of delicious baked goods so that someone could throw a party.  Instantly I knew who I needed to throw a party for.  My pal, Erika.  She's had a really rough year.  But I'm going to leave it at that.  This is not a contest to share all our dirty laundry, this is a contest to celebrate the life of an amazing women and friend.  On the surface, my entry pretty much looks like I just want to throw my friend a party.  And up against the other entries (trust me, some of them are heart wrenching) we are not getting many votes. Trust that she could use some uplifting and a special time for all her friends to come together and show her the support that she is always so quick with for us.  And she's just a freaking awesome person.  

There are so many reasons to love Erika.  One of which is her natural instinct to make people happy and her love of all things 80's.  Last year for my birthday, we took a trapeze class.  It is important to note that this was not a dress up event.  But in an effort to make me smile just a little wider on my special day, this is the outfit she was in when we picked her up, none of which was purchased just for the occasion...And the french braid was a conscious decision. 

This is Erika with her Ma Maw at a friend's party last year.  Erika plays an important role in her grandmothers life.  It is amazing to see the love between them as they interact and the relationship really shows what a great mother Erika will make.  When I see them together I am reminded to always act with compassion and patience.  Erika's feathers don't get ruffled, at least visibly, and she always stays calm to handle situations.  I need her to tutor me on that.  

Last year our friends had an anniversary party that was prom themed.  Again, this was not a costume party.  As my husband was out of town, Erika was my date.  This is what she showed up in.  She is one of the most fun people that I know.  

A few more reasons that I love Erika:
-She always handles splitting up the dinner bill, to the penny, no matter how many people are in our party
-She helps you analyze your dreams and tell you what they probably mean (*she has no formal training in this but I feel so much better about my recurring tidal wave dream after she pointed out that I never die in the dream so it represents an overcomable (yes, a word) obstacle. 
-She performs skits.  Like, on purpose.  She is a very talented performer and is the first to volunteer for special skits at church.  
-She always lets me plan the parties and will help me wherever I need it.  Although we are both type A, she lets me run the party show.  This is HUGE.
-And even though she is type A, she is always able to surrender and let God do his work.  It's difficult and it doesn't happen without a little struggle but in the end she trusts in God and stays strong.  

Even if I don't win this party for her, I will still celebrate her.  She is remarkable.  And I love her. 

To vote click the "like" button on the main Dough A Deer Facebook page.  Then go to her "photos" page to the folder called "OC Contest VOTE HERE" and find the picture of Erika and I Click the "like" link under the photo (the "like" link under the photo is not a button like on the main page and is next to where you would leave a comment on the photo).



Cupcake Carrie said...

I love Erika!!! Erika and I met over 10 years ago at our old church and I adore her! I've gone to to her awesome 80's parties and been in numerous random skits with her. I'm currently in Montana, but am so thankful we can somewhat keep in touch through facebook. She has had such a crazy year and I am SOOOO excited your doing this for her!!!! Also, I love your blog and have been following for a while now :-)

Garnish said...

We should all be so lucky to have an Erika in our life! If you want to add a little Garnish to your party, just holler.

Garnish + Enjoy,
- Suzanne


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