Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm a terrible consumer

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My husband is super hard to shop for.  He gets all his clothes and shoes for free.  Has pretty much every electronic thingy that he needs (and if he doesn't he has a "guy" for that).  But at Christmas, I found something I thought would be cool.  It was an "ampersand"  (aka the "&" symbol) made out of metal.  The ampersand was featured on our wedding invitations long, long ago and I thought it would be a cute, romantic gift.  But fast forward to mid the beginning of March and I realized it never showed up.  And then one day I was asked to give feedback on Etsy for some recent purchases, one of them being the cute metal sign.  Since I didn't remember about it for months after ordering, I figured that I would just forget about it.  For sure the shipping records would have been tossed, etc.  And so I mentioned on my feedback that I didn't get the item but that it was pretty much my fault for not following up.  But it showed up as a negative comment (I didn't see the neutral option).  Why the heck are you being so wordy today, Sharon?  Well, I'm about to tell you. 

It totally just showed up at my house one day!  There was an unexpected package on the door step.  Inside was the ampersand and note that said that she had seen my negative feedback and although she wasn't given the chance to look in to the situation, she wanted to make it right and make sure I was happy.  What the what?!  Amazing.  Best. Customer. Service. Ever.  And it couldn't have come at a better time.  Earlier that week I had decided that it was time to start decorating.  I had always actively not decorated with the intention of waiting until we actually own our own home.  I've spent our entire married life, just kind of settling and not making each place (and there have been a LOT of places) our home.  First space up is the mantle.  And the ampersand fits perfectly. 

Slowly but surely we will get the house all decorated.  Did you notice our close personal friends in our family photo? 

You simply must go and check out the Etsy shop where I got the ampersand The Tiny Treasures Project by Kristine Mays.  She carries the full alphabet and they would make an adorable addition to any party decor too!   



Melanie said...

That family portrait is so random, I love it. I'm sure guests have plenty to say when they see it.

Go Against The Grain said...

that is pretty random from her. I ordered 3 things from her a while ago when I first found out about her and loved her stuff and didn't have any problems. Love your ampersand!


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