Friday, April 29, 2011

I can't stop monkeying around

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I think I am better under pressure.  O's party was this past Saturday, which was the last of my big projects.  I have been very under productive this week.  But I have had had some fun playing with the boys, getting caught up on laundry (ok, not exactly fun but it was either that or buy the entire family new underwear) and I've even sat on the couch and watched tv on several occasions.  Word on the street is that I will get the photos from the party back next week.  For now, here is a pic from one of my fave things at the party.


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Anonymous said...

I am so excited to see this!!! I'm planning a Monkey Donkey Robot Pinata birthday party for my son (his idea... obviously) and using similar funky figures like this! Love the juxtaposition between the astronaut and the monkey!


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