Thursday, April 28, 2011

Green for spring

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image via Darling Darleen

I can't get enough of black and white stripes.  They will always be one of my fave design elements.  You can make them fancy, make them cool or make them any way you want them.  And right now, I am loving black and white with green.  Green has always been a fave color for accessories but now I am dying to use it in a party setting.  Take this table above from Darling Darleen.  Just a small dose of green from the crepe paper streamers make this table instantly cool.  

images by Bliss

And of course I am in love with this table by Bliss via Brooklyn Bride

Okay, I know there are a zillion more great green and white and black tables to share but I have procrastinated working out long enough.  These knees aren't going to get rid of their cellulite sitting at the computer. 


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