Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An un-Birthday Party

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 This weekend my sis and my darling nieces came to town.  It has been about 2 years since I've seen the girls and the last time they were here my youngest son was 6 months old.  We had the best weekend.  The kids played amazingly well together (pictured above in grandma's 1950's chevy - their fave place to hang out).  While they were here, my sister wanted to throw an un-birthday party for all the cousins since we never get to celebrate together.  With only a little bit of decorating and my amazing way with junk food for breakfast (yes those are rice krispy treats, but that is totally cereal, duh), the kids had a blast.

My sister gets all the credit for the cuteness.  She grabbed some of the cute Valentine's paper goods from Target and rummaged through my cold garage in the middle of the night to find remnant fabrics and other party decor.  She didn't get completely finished before one of her daughters woke up with some night terrors and brought an end to the decorating.  In the morning, the kids were totally surprised and loved having an un-birthday party.  It cost next to nothing but the memories are priceless.  My family is so sad that the cousins have gone home but we vow to get them together once a year for an un-birthday. This is just the start of a great new tradition.



Victoria said...

What a fun birthday:)

the french twist said...

I love un birthday parties, I love your sister and her darling sugar plum fairies, What fun, looks like you had amazing time,I'm so glad. it is so important for sisters to be together.

Jenny @ Hank + Hunt said...

I love it. What a perfect little party! Love the unbirthday part too!

Laura said...

that is the cutest and most thoughtful idea ever! What lucky cousins:) The picture of all of them in the car is priceless!

*Just found your blog via Carter & Cook and love it!


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