Friday, February 4, 2011

Be bright and sparkly this weekend and do something good.

We've moved to - you'll be redirected to this post in a moment.

We've moved to - you'll be redirected to this post in a moment.

Yesterday the boys gave me 6 minutes to play with my new macro attachment.  Here is my fancy new hair clip I just got.  I hope everyone has a bright and sparkly weekend.  My son told me I had to give them to my little nieces that will be visiting.  Um, nope.  I think I have some old Tiffany jewelry they can have but they aren't getting their little mitts on these babies. 

This attachment takes some practice and a moving target is even more difficult.  I got my oldest son to sit still for longer then he's ever sat for one stretch before.  Approximately 1 full minute.  I wasn't even sure I got any usable photos but this one is cool.  I may or may not have bumped him with the lens a few times getting the hang of it...

And this is why I got the lens adapter!  How crazy is that detail?  You may never see full shots again.  My world will now consist of extreme closeups for small children or ears for people who don't really like to be photographed, especially close up.  And wouldn't you kill for those lashes?

Also there are still spots available for this very special fundraiser being held in Orange County next Saturday.  See the full post on Tiny Oranges.  I am decorating for the event, with the help of Lauren, so come down and check it out.  It is sure to be a super fun event!

Have a super great weekend!!!!!


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