Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hitched Recap

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This past Sunday, Lauren and I went to Palm Springs for Hitched.  Here is what my Sunday looked like:

-Got to play around with my new macro/wide angle lens adapter while sipping Bellini's on our patio

-Had an amazing lunch at the Viceroy.  Yes, there IS mac and cheese and short ribs on my grilled cheese sangwich (to be said like Pauly D a la Jersey Shore - I should note that I just tried to translate Jersey Shore in to French so that it sounded more romantic but alas Jersey Shore in French is still Jersey Shore)

-Lauren got hot pink lips from the fabulous Winks and Grins bar by Fiore Beauty.  I got fake lashes.  I am a total convert and want to wear them daily.  I may or may not document my mishaps with trying to apply them myself.

-If you are reading all the event recaps I am sure that this little puppy will be in all of them.  This dog owns more than I do.  I love how this pic looks more like a painting then a photo.

-Got to meet Heather and Ashlyn of Carter and Cook!  And they humored me by taking a photo with me.  And then took more with us later when we coaxed them in to the Smilebooth. :) Adorable girls!

-Cut a rug or two to some super sweet tunes by The Flashdance.  Love how fun his mixes are!

-Sipped some bubbly out of a can

-Marveled at the synchronized swimming team The Aqualilies.  SO FUN!

-Met Ashley Effing Meaders!  And she let me gush all over her for a minute like the crazy fan that I am.  I accosted her a bit later in the Smilebooth...She may be drawing up some orders for restraint as I type this.

Not pictured:
-Met Megan of MaeMae Paperie.  She is the cutest and nicest person in all the land.  And I am beyond inspired by her talent.

-Met THE Amelia Lyon.  I truly admire her photography style.  Well, first I spilled my wine all over her on the dance floor.  She was totally gracious about it.  Then later when I found her and apologized for the aforementioned incident she was super nice about it and I'm pretty sure she won't hold it against me.

The event was super fun and inspiring.  We got to stay at The Ace Hotel (one of my faves in Palm Springs) and did a little thrifting.  A pretty great little overnighter.



The Sweet Spot Candy Bar said...

Looks like you had a great time! What fun!!

Melissa C said...

Looks like a blast! Cute photos too.

lauren said...

love! ps. sorry for posting your spongebob pic. you totally don't look like him though:)

You Are My Fave said...

I've decided I need to move to California. So jealous of this awesomeness.

Laura said...

baaaah I am so jealous you met Ashley Meaders! Ditto on being a stalker - how can you help it? I was really trying to get to Hitched this year but it never worked out - next year!


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