Friday, January 14, 2011

Paper Ribbon Tutorial

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So, I'm pretty sure this is the first tutorial that I have done on my blog.  After you see these photos, you'll probably understand why.  I'm a crafty bonehead.  My crafts are not like others.  I am sloppy and unfinished and that is kind of how I like it (or else I have just gotten used to that...)  And I know you are all sick of hearing about the photoshoot/party we did using only magazine pages for decor.  And I know that Lauren already showed you the paper bow tutorial for paper ribbons that we put on wire.  These are how I made our placecards (by simply adding a stick to the back).  I made them with Glue Dots  and I think they are super versatile and I LOVE how they look.  I'm sure I'm not the first person to come up with this craft, but here is my version.

(above photo by Up Imagery)

Grab your supplies.  One magazine page will make several bows (the smaller the bows, the more you can make from one page).  The craft size Glue Dots are my fave.  I love them for crafting but I think I may love them even more for temporarily securing cake plates made out of vintage plates and candlesticks that I am not sure that I want to permanently marry (you all know the current divorce statistics...).  I use an old paper cutter that I stole from my mother ages ago and it could stand to have a blade replacement.  For each bow, you'll need 3 strips of paper that are the same size.  These are 1" x 5 1/4" I think (huh, how am I doing with this tutorial?  Can't even remember the dimensions to tell you.)

Make the "ends" part of the bow first by folding it over on itself in a diagonal.  I use a Glue Dot just to keep them flat.

 Next you'll make your "bows."  Put a Glue Dot at one end.

 Make the "loop" but don't match the ends up perfectly.  As you can see from the photos above, if you angle the top end, it gives a bit more dimension to the top of the bow.
 Make the second "loop", I trim the edges that stick out off both sides just to clean up the look a little.  Put a Glue Dot on the back of one.  Now attach it to the bow "ends".  I try to line up the corner of the "bow" with the inside corner of the "ends."
 The only thing left to do is decoratively trim the ends.  Boom.  A paper bow.

 Here is what it looks like when done with a thinner strip of paper.  I think I like this better than the big.

 Here I've used a traffic ticket to demonstrate the technique.  Even a moving violation looks cute as a paper bow.

Patterned scrapbook paper looks pretty darn cute as a paper bow.  It would look even cuter with double sided paper.  But I couldn't readily find any. (You've seen my garage...)

I want to thank Glue Dots for sending the supplies for our aforementioned shoot.  I have bunches leftover and will be using them up.  I guarantee.

I want to attempt making these paper ribbons into a garland.  It didn't fit in to this nap time but maybe one day soon.  Don't hold your breath.



Meredith said...

so cute! I might try this out this weekend. thanks for sharing :)

Jenny @ Hank + Hunt said...

I love this! Esp the traffic ticket...naughty girl. I like how super easy it is.

With Style and Grace said...

How cute!! This is a great addition to any party table!

janine said...

I love this---especially the traffic ticket bow. I can't think of anything better to do with a ticket than turn it into a bow. In fact, I think that's how I would mail it in with my payment!


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