Sunday, January 16, 2011


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I don't usually talk a lot about weddings on this here blog.  It's not that I don't love weddings because I totally do.  It's just that there are so many great wedding sites out there.  And these days I just seem to be at more kid's parties than weddings.  But one of my fave weddings sites, Utterly Engaged, is throwing their 2nd annual new years party on Wednesday and I will be there.  I went last year and LOVED it!  The tablescape challenge that they put on is simply amazing.  It's the best of the best event designers, who all happen to live right here in So Cal and their creations are so inspiring.  I'm dying to see what everyone does this year and to meet some new blogging friends.  Check out the judges panel alone to see the stars that will be in attendance!!  And I may even ask for autographs from Lucia and Henny because it was their forward thinking that created the first (and best) online wedding magazine.  

Lauren and I have our outfits picked out (and I've already carved out when I can do my hair - one kid at school and one napping - fingers crossed) and we are counting the minutes until party time.  If you are local, I think there are a few tickets left but you better hurry!  Are any of you going?  Let me know!  I hear Dough-A-Deer will be there and I'd love to meet over delightful baked treats! 


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