Monday, January 10, 2011

Que David Bowie

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Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes...  I'm not calling them resolutions.  My whole focus has to change.  Here are some things I am dealing with:
This is my garage.  Half of my garage, I should say.  The other half is equally atrocious.  This half, though, is my party and crafting stuff.  Totally unorganized.  And since it's been so unorganized for many years, I buy new stuff when I can't find the old.  I'm not talking about printers or machinery or anything, but I have a nice little cello bag collection going on.  Oh and hole punches.  Yeah, about 5 of just one size hole.  This is top on my list.  I want to know where to look for things.  I want to invite friends over to borrow stuff for their parties.  And I want to be able to park in here...

I want to spend more time with these guys.  This was a quick trip to Knott's before our passes ran out.  All of us together.  It was really fun and we don't spend enough family time together.  

I am going to teach this kiddo his colors.  He's two.  He should know this stuff.  He's the second kid and we are a busy family, but that is no reason that we don't emphasize his learning as much as we did with the first.  He's going to learn to take off his own jacket too.  And I'm not going to spoil him with fruit gummies.  So he screams at Target.  No more sugary bribes!  And I really want to stop bringing him in to our bed so we can sleep an hour longer...or we have to get a King...

I need to let this little guy help more.  He always wants to but I always feel so pressed for time that I brush it off.  I need to slow us all down and do more things together, even the cleaning.  As long as he doesn't spray he or I in the eye with the cleaner it should work out just fine.  

This is what my house looks like when I finish a project, in this case a birthday party.  I need to put it away and move on.  I always intend on organizing (see photo at top of post) and then don't.  Then we have no room in the house and stuff everywhere.  There aren't usually tables in this room and those shelves contain my cookbooks...Needless to say if I can't get to my books easily I won't be using them for cooking.

Some other things I need to work on:
-traffic school.  I mean, was I really impeding traffic?  There were two perfectly good other lanes cars could have used...
-tons of family birthdays
-a sip and see
-tons of other top secret super cool creative ventures

Why am I telling you all this?  Well, for a long time, I have put the blog first.  And that is not its proper place.  It leaves me feeling stressed, overly busy, and sort of unhappy.  And that is just crazy.  It's a creative outlet for me and if it's stressing me out, then I need to make a change.  Do I have it all figured out yet?  No.  Will the blog change?  Yes.  How?  Dunno.  Posting may be sporadic.  I may post about more items then just parties.  Its up in the air at this point.  I do know that I want to spend more time with my family and blogging will be more fun again.  So there.  Now that I've written it out I will do it.  I'm very type A so it's hard for me to do something without doing it 110%  But I should be 110% a mother too.  Thank you for letting me use my blog post today as therapy.  I'm not even going to reread it and see if it sounds all rambly and crazy.  But I will spell check.  I'm not a Neanderthal.



jackie fo said...

I am with you on the organizing. I am knee deep in crafts and decorations for an upcoming party. Once the party is over, it will still take me a few days to put it all away because I am so tired from everything! My husband is so not a fan of this trait I have ;)

mel said...

good for you.
and all of us in blogland will be just fine :)

Elisabeth said...

Just found your blog and am loving it! Quick question where did you get your son's yo gabba gabba character name shirt? I love it! I understand if you don't remember I have 3 kids of my own (youngest just turned 1) and I know how crazy life can be. Thanks!

Cupcakes and Cutlery said...

Hi Elisabeth. Thank you for your comment! I got the shirt from, .


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