Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Like an entertaining mullet - photo shoot in the front, party in the back

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First, I want to thank all of you who have shared kind words with us about this photoshoot.  Choosing to do the shoot the weekend before Christmas might have been one of the worst ideas I've ever had but the stress was totally worth it.  I am in LOVE with how everything turned out, the vendors we got to work with and the fact that Lauren and I had an amazing time working together on it.  (If you haven't followed this project from the beginning, read this post first).  

I didn't know Lauren before this project but thought she might be the perfect partner.  And I was totally right.  I could not have guessed how well the planning and styling of this party could have gone.  We were on the same page the entire time down to the types of champagne glasses to use.  We complemented each other really well and I can't wait to work on our next project...

Although we originally set out to do a New Year's Eve party, I love that we kept it from being too themey and allowed it to shine as a girly shindig too.  The glittered jax and pink yo yo's lent a sense of whimsy and pink glass accents were subtle and sweet.  We used mostly rosey-gold tones to keep the look cohesive and grown up along with gold which added just the right sparkle without being over the top.  The gold cake stand that Lauren made (available on her Etsy shop) and the tiered plate stand (inspired by a silver one seen in the December issue of Real Simple Magazine) added a ton of interest and can be re-used in all kinds of other celebrations.

Both Lauren and I enjoy hitting the thrift stores for party pieces.  These glasses can be found in abundance and were such a great touch for the party.  To me, these glasses are really feminine and are fit for pink champagne.  Having a lot of guests and don't want to buy a ton?  Buy just a few and use them to serve candy, plop a big candle in it or turn it over and put a plate on it for a quick pedestal.    

I love the idea of serving a signature cocktail to keep from having to supply a full bar.  I have never been trained as a bartender so I don't know the first thing about mixology or even which brands are better than others.  When you are using mixers, you don't have to worry (as much) about the quality of the liquor and everyone loves something new.  How freaking adorable are those labels?  Can you believe that Lauren did those by hand?!  Traditional calligraphy can take a hike.  For those of us less than blessed in the writing department, there are various free girly fonts we could use instead like Champignon, Loopi, Gruenewold, and the unfortunately named Breast Bomb.

Because we were focused on creating the decor from the pages of a magazine, were were able to introduce a few other subtle colors through the various garlands we hung.  To make this even more girly, you could easily use a variety of coordinating scrapbook paper for the garlands.  There are also some great wrapping papers out right now (thank you Valentine's Day...) that could be used.  

To mimic the jagged edges of the starbursts we used throughout the decor, I found these opaque white star lights at Ikea and we made a quick "lantern" with them for the table.  Although I like the idea of candlelight, I have an irrational fear of open flame and sometimes there is more drama with a harder light.  Shadows can keep a pink party in check.  

Noisemakers scream New Year's Eve, but with the right color glitter, they become a girly accessory.  To all those about to get married, we salute you.  But we also implore your bridal party to leave the male anatomy doodads at home for your bachelorette party.  Want to be noticed?  Pass out glittered noisemakers.  That will cause an entrance that won't go unnoticed.  Just be sure to appoint one person noisemaker collector so as the drinks start flowing the noisemakers won't turn in to the cause of a bar brawl. 

These fancy little numbers in the champagne flutes didn't come out until much later in the night, after the photographers were long nestled in their beds.  But they were a super fun touch and totally girly.  I liked the idea of a non-baked dessert and came across this recipe by Donna Hay for basically a fancy jello shot.  They are made with cranberry juice, gelatin, vanilla beans, and vodka (I used raspberry vodka) and poured over sliced strawberries to set.  A dollop of whipped cream and they are ready.  If you know me at all you know my motto is "can't leave well enough alone" so I wanted to add some "bubbles" to the top since they would be served in a champagne flute.  I basically made a krispy treat but substituted Kix cereal and used a few pink marshmallows to give it a hint of pink.  I think they added a nice touch.  

So whether you like this party for New Year's or any girl get together we thank you for coming back each day to see more of the project.  The project wouldn't have happened with Real Simple Magazine having such lovely pages so I'm just going to give you a quick little run down of all the items we were able to make with them:
-paper jewelry
-all kinds of different garlands
-placecards (see them above, the actual names were made with letters cut out of the magazines gift guide.  Each section of the guide had a title and I was able to find all the letters for each girl's name there)
-Photo props
-Calendar favors
-Ribbon decoration 
-Drink Labels
-Napkin Rings

Lauren has some photos up today as well.  Hop on over to see her wrap up!!  

And a huge thank you to our vendors and sponsors who collaborated with us on this very fun project:

-Meringue Bake Shop - The most fabulous desserts ever!  Kristin, thank you, as always, for your willingness to participate in my crazy adventures.  You never hesitate and always come up with unique ideas.  You are truly an artist and so much better then anyone knows yet.  Seriously, your PushCakes are IT for me.  I love that you are always trying new things and pushing bakery boundaries.   I look forward to you getting the attention you deserve and I will help you to do that in any way I can. 
-Up Imagery - Ed and Desi MADE this shoot.  Given a time crunch, (ok huge underestimation of the time set up would take on our part) they styled some of the detail shots themselves and they came out amazing.  Big thanks to Eva for matching us up!  Their excitement about the project from the very start kept me going.  I love their shooting style and they were a joy to work with.  Can't wait to work with them again and look forward to keeping up on their blogs to see their work!     

-Lucid Absinthe - Thank you for working with me on a recipe for the signature cocktail.  I NEVER would have come up with that on my own!  Thank you also for the product sample! 

-Freixinet and Segura Viudas - Thank you for the samples you sent for the shoot.  Both were delightful and fit the party perfectly.    

-Glue Dots - Thank you for supplying all the adhesive we could ever need for the paper crafting we did on this project.  The ease of use of your products and versatility were perfect for this crafty party decor.  You were on board with us from day one and we appreciate your generosity. 

photo by Up Imagery

-Amy - In the midst of packing up your old house and preparing to move in to your new one (as well as preparing for Christmas) you offered to make a full meal for us.  Not only did it look good but it tasted amazing.  I thank you for your friendship and appreciate all the support you have given me in this project and in others.  I look forward to seeing what the new year has in store for you (hint - it involves food and Amy becoming a star...)

-Taryn - Thank you for letting us take over your house for the day to shoot the party and then actually have a little party.  The fact that you let us invade your space was so generous and the fact that you are about 20 months pregnant is even more mind blowing.  You are an amazing friend to me and giving beyond belief and I adore you.  

-Lindsey - Thank you for picking up the pink rock candy for us.  It may seem like a little task, but the party would have felt undone to me without it.  And that just lets you know how crazy I am but that really helped us out!  You did whatever little jobs we gave you and were just plain fun to hang out with. Thank you for everything!  

Lauren - Seriously, you are awesome.  I am beyond impressed by your talents and am so happy that you are mere minutes from me.  I am so glad that we were able to meet, create an amazing project and become friends.  This would not have been possible without you and I am truly grateful that you were willing to work around my schedule with the kids to get everything done.  Cheers to 2011!!!

All photos, except group photo, taken by me


Pink Peppermint Paper said...

Beautiful photos! You had me at "mullet." Still chuckling.


Laura said...

Wow looks like quite an event! I love the whole idea behind the party too - I'm always trying to find new ways to reuse and recycle old magazines. I do lots of papercrafting and so use plenty of the images to make cards, collages, and the like but you and Lauren have given me a whole host of new ideas. Thanks for sharing, and Happy New Year!

lauren said...

You're too sweet:) your thank you left me a little teary eyed, haha:) I had so much fun on this and am about 100 times more excited for the future! Beautiful post... have fun at the party tomorrow, hopefully you're not still up working on it! Sooo glad we met and got to work together on this, you are amazing!

Not Just A Mommy! said...

I love how you gave such great tips and the shout-out to your awesome vendors, and by golly, it just looks like an amazing time! A true mullet indeed!

Amber Lynn said...

You always inspire me! Thank you thank you!!! Love it all!!!! xo!


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