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Smitten with Bump Smitten

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Maybe its because one of my best friends is about to have her fourth kid. Maybe it is because their website is pleasing to look at. Maybe it is because babies are cute. Whatever it is, I heart Bump Smitten. I recently found them and was so excited. I love their modern look, which is so hard to come by when talking about baby showers. There are a lot of party planning sites out there and while they certainly share baby shower ideas or real parties, this blog is devoted solely to sophisticated yet sweet celebrations for the babies to be. And its perfect.
Emilie and Elizabeth have made it their mission to be a resource for cool, creative baby showers. They showcase real parties for us to admire and draw inspiration from, great tutorials for do-it-yourself projects to make your showers above average and neat ideas from other types of party that you can adapt to make the mom to be feel extra special. I love their style and can't wait to see what other great information they will share!

I asked them some questions to help learn more about them and their site.

1. How did Bump Smitten get started?

Emilie: Bump Smitten came together in a sorta round about way since Elizabeth hadn't planned a shower in a couple of years, and I was still doing the wedding circuit with my friends. (You know, where it seems you go to a wedding every other weekend during the summer). :) With so many friends getting married, I was spending a bit of time (okay, hours!) on all of the beautiful wedding blogs out there -- pouring over every wedding detail, dessert and flower petal photos. I was absolutely amazed at the creativity of all of the featured vendors and brides-to-be and the gorgeous details they would dream up. So, when my Mom told me about a recent party she had been to, I thought she was talking about a small wedding -- every detail sounded like a post straight from The Bride's Cafe, Project Wedding, or 100 Layer Cake, BUT the details were actually from a baby shower. (This blew my mind! In my experience baby showers were low-key, potluck parties where you played melted candy diaper games in someone's living room and hoped no one had a photo of you doing it). ...So, I did some searches online and was amazed to find that there weren't really any blogs devoted solely to baby shower planning -- where there were plenty of pictures, ideas, and DIY tutorials to drool over and get inspiration from. I gave Elizabeth a call later that evening and after looking at some photography, invitation and floral websites, we decided to build a site together. Elizabeth is a really good friend and an ah-mazing website and graphic designer -- so building Bump Smitten with her was a no-brainer. She's super crafty (which is beyond helpful when we recreate DIY projects for baby showers) and has an incredible eye. Plus, it's a blast working with a good friend, which was the main motivator for doing the site together -- just having an excuse to get together to talk about girly things and laugh about our recent searches for a (paying) and more regular job. We live in Utah, so when you're unemployed in a ski town you can only play frisbee for so long when the snow melts. (Plus, Elizabeth's kids were starting to go to school, and she was beginning to have just a bit more free time on her hands then she likes).

2. What were your own baby showers like?

Elizabeth: Both of my showers were super simple and truly about being with my close friends and family. My sister and mom hosted my first shower at my house. It was December and freeeeeeezing outside, so they made our favorite family chili recipe. (Oh my gosh, I still dream of this chili)! We had a ton of toppings to choose from -- shredded cheese, onions, tortilla chips, jalapenos, red and yellow peppers, sour cream, etc. My mom made the cake, chocolate with vanilla icing - my fave. :) She also made a pretty flower out of M&M's just like when I was a little girl. (I have kept this tradition with my kids, and they love it). I was pretty confidant that I did not want any silly games but my sister decided it would be fun to have a question game where my husband would give answers, and I would have to guess which answers were his. (She did something similar for my bachelorette party, which was hilarious and a highlight of the night). This was equally as fun but a little more PG-rated than the bachelorette version. She emailed him a set of questions a week earlier (i.e., What are Elizabeth's top 3 names for the baby? Is the nursery completely done? Or, how many times will Elizabeth rearrange the furniture before the baby arrives)? I received some wonderful gifts -- a lot of baby clothes and accessories. (My favorite though was a little wooden car that is still on the shelf in my son's room). It was an incredibly special day for me, and I will never forget it.

3. What is your favorite party supply?

Elizabeth: My favorite party supply, which I do not think is a big secret from our blog, is balloons. I love them!!!! The more, the better! Whenever I see balloons in our submission photos, they always make me smile. Balloons are a pretty easy decoration -- fairly inexpensive, take up a lot of space, and provide a ton of color to your party. Plus, there's just something a little magical about them, right? :)

4. Where does your party inspiration come from?

Emilie: There are so many wonderful blogs out there, and Elizabeth and I are absolutely addicted to reading them. But, when I think about the sites we read daily or the posts we email to each other, the one common theme is the amazing details that are captured in the gorgeous photographs. There's no doubt that Elizabeth has a more clean and modern taste than me. (I like to think it's because I've got an old soul and that's why I love, love, love lace, ribbons and lots of sparkle)! :) But, even with our two very different aesthetics, it really doesn't matter if the party we are looking at is shabby chic, rustic elegant, or has a clean modern palette -- if there are darling details hiding in every photograph, we are head-over-heels-in-love. Because it's really these little touches that become ingrained in our minds. Actually, when you think about it -- it's often the details that make a party so memorable -- because through them you get a little glimpse into who the guest of honor is and maybe connect with them. And, as a reader, you sort of live for those moments -- or at least we do. :)

5. What does the future hold for Bump Smitten?

Emilie: Over the next few months we are really going to focus on providing good content, building our community of readers, and making sure that the site runs smoothly. And, in 2011 we will be looking to launch a hand-picked vendor guide for Bump Smitten, so soon-to-be-Mom's and baby shower planner's will have a resource available to them where they can really trust the recommendations we are providing them. We're also mulling over taking Bump Smitten (and possibly a sister site) in a few new directions, but nothing is cast in stone yet. We're trying not to bite off more than we can chew -- since we're a two person team, with full-time jobs, and families to take care of. (I'm sure you all know about the balances we are talking about -- which we're hoping we can continue to manage without making our husbands too crazy while we try to grow). But, right now, we're really motivated by the number of readers who've found us (and are continuing to stay with us), so we're pretty excited to see where this little hobby takes us!


I asked Emilie and Elizabeth to come up with an inspiration board for a shower they would love to throw if they had to have one this season. I LOVE what they came up with. That color story is so warm and inviting. I simply can't get enough of that top photo of the tablescape. There is no doubt that if they threw this party, it would be the best shower many of the guests would ever go to. I expect big things from these ladies!

Inspiration Board photo sources:
Top Row via Style Notes
Invitation via Oh So Beautiful Paper
Pumpkin via Twig and Thistle
Cupcake via Snippet & Ink
Acorns via Amy Atlas
Napkin ring via Once Wed
Soda bar via Project Wedding
Tree guest book via Serendipity Photography

(all photo above are courtesy of Bump Smitten)

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