Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I heart these napkins but they make me angry

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*I've woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and if you can get through the snotty tone of my post, I really do LOVE this product.

I was perusing the Daily Candy Christmas page, 30 gifts under $30, and I saw these My Drap napkins. I first saw these napkins years ago in one of the cooking magazines. These napkins come on a roll, are made with cotton, and are perfect for when you don't want to use paper napkins, but don't want to rent linen ones either. The great price means you can throw them out after one use but I'm pretty sure you could wash them and use them again (not like, forever, but once or twice more). But here is my problem. For a long time, the website said they were available at Bloomingdale's Home Store but they couldn't be bought online. Other then that there was a store in the UK selling them but I'm pretty sure it said they wouldn't ship to the US. So that left an online store in Spain (where they are made) to buy from and worry about international shipping rates.
So here is this great product that I can't easily get. Look at all the amazing colors they come in! Ideal for kids party, sophisticated adult shindigs and holiday dinners. And then it happened. I got an email from a PR company about this product. It looked like it was finally happening. I might be able to buy them easily after all. They offered more info and a sample. So I emailed back, excited to finally try them out. And then I got no response. What the...
I mean, look at these napkins. They are simply perfect. They come in a cocktail and dinner napkin size as well as placemat size. Fast forward another month. I got another email in my inbox from the same PR company announcing these napkins. Um, hullo! I fired off another quick email. Guess what. No response.
All I want is for these napkins to be available to the masses stateside. So I was over the moon when I spotted a gorgeous picture of them on Daily Candy. I clicked right over to the site and...utter disappointment. Sure I may be able to buy them in the US ($10 shipping seems ridiculously steep for a roll of 12 napkins. The dinner napkins are priced at $35 which I think is more then they used to sell them for at Bloomingdale's. While they have some pretty pictures of the napkins, the look of the rest of the site really does them a disservice. I really really really want this product to do well but I feel like the company is working against itself.

In my heart, I know these napkins could be a huge hit in the party world. But they make me angry.

If anyone has actually seen these or touched them, please let me know. I just know they must be glorious once you get past the website ugliness.

(I am sorry to be so sour. And I, too, find it odd that I can be so worked up over napkins... I think after coveting these napkins for so long I really wanted the website to sing to me.)

-All photos via MyDrap

I promise to be back to my old self tomorrow.

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lauren said...

ha! jerks... i saw these too that day. i think i'll waste my time washing mine in the machine before i spend $35 on napkins:)


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