Monday, November 1, 2010

Inspiration Board Challenge - November

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The first thing that comes to mind when I think of The Purple Pug is glitter. Kristy is all about the glitter, in the best way possible. Her line of party goods, ranging from cupcake picks to ribbon chandeliers and just about anything else you could possibly want, are almost too good to be true. She totally appeals to people looking for traditional party decor but takes it all up a notch with her amazing graphics and liberal use of glitter.
I adore the party themes she showcases on her blog and she is extremely creative and obviously beyond talented. Her donuts and dragons party is one of my all time favorites. Check out those skewers! And the hand made mini cake stands!
This banner does not belong to your ordinary pirate party. Look at the way all those amazing colors go together, making it completely new but while totally appealing to the birthday boy. I heart it.
Um, a cereal bar? Duh? The colors, the fabric flowers, the oranges with is ALL right. Don't even get me started about her new 365 day project where she shouts out people that she thinks are cool on her blog (okay, it totally goes deeper then that). Kristy is amazing.
The inspiration piece for this month's challenge is from a company that I LOVE, Kauzbots. I found them while walking around Unique OC, an independent local craft show, and fell head over heals for them. Of course, my 4 year old son spotted them from a far and all but dragged me over to them. On the surface, these robots are super cool. Their color combos are super hip, the fabric choices are totally cool, and then you find out about what makes them even more special. Each color actually corresponds with a cause, hence the name Kauzbots. When you buy one, 10% of the retail price is donated to one of 10 causes. Each robot is sold with a little red heart (which miraculously has not gone missing yet!) and is the perfect vehicle to open up discussion between you and your children and issues that our world is facing.
Although, they end up with an adorable stuffed robot, they realize that we can all take small steps to effect a bigger change. Brilliant. They are a local, So Cal company and I can't think of a better present to buy this Christmas for family, friends, and charity gift drives. I am beyond thrilled that Kristy of The Purple Pug has this inspiration piece. I have no doubt that she will create a stunning inspiration board!!! I'll be counting the days until the end of the month to see it!!!

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And remember, there is still time to enter the Inspiration Board it.

First 4 photos from The Purple Pug
Last two photos via Kauzbots

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