Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Contest Judges

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Let's meet the fabulous judges for the Lockheart Inspiration Board Contest!

Genette Sasser graduated from FIDM in 2000 with a degree in Fashion Design. She received a professional designation for footwear design in 2002 after completing a specialized study program. Throughout school, she traveled the world on study tours to learn the trade first hand and soak up inspiration for pieces she would come to design later. Upon graduation, she went to work at Isabella Fiore where she was their first footwear designer but quickly began designing small leather goods and some handbags. When Jennifer and Trang started Lockheart, Genette was asked to come with them and is currently one of three designers there. She continues to travel as part of her work where she is sometimes called on to oversees the meticulous crafting and manufacturing of the bags. I guess I should mention that Genette is one of my friends and she is a super cool girl. :)

photo by Cheryl Himmelstein

Dena Rochelle Smolek is the founder and editor of Tres Chic Now, "a luxe guide to beautiful things." The website is a great way to stay up to date on what is totally in fashion and covers clothing and accessories as well as beauty, home decor, baby and kids gear plus some music, food and travel. Nothing makes it on to the site unless Dena and her contributing writers absolutely love it. I've been a fan of this site for a while now and can attest to the level of style and quality that is demonstrated through products mentioned on this site. Go check it out and don't forget to sign up now for the "luxeletter," a twice monthly update on contests and other important fashion news.

If you haven't seen You Are My Fave yet, go look now. No, I mean it. I'll wait...(hum hum, whistle). It's so lovely. My eyes are never disappointed when I drop in to see what she's loving at any given time. Her party style is clever and cool and she is fantastically funny. When I asked her to give me some background info on herself so I could put a quick bio together what I got was so perfectly Melanie that I have to just copy what she wrote:
"I was born and raised in Montana. Naturally you are now picturing me riding a horse with long curls in some sort of 4-H exhibition but horses make me sneeze and cowboy hats make my butt look big. I'm pretty city. After high school I tripped it down to Utah where I attended BYU and majored in the beauty contestant subject of Communications. After graduation I headed to NY where I had an internship at a large advertising agency and I was filled with thoughts of achievement! and success! Then, when I moved to Denver (husband, law school, you get the idea) and I had to search for a real job, success! turned in to a bachelor's degree won't get you anywhere honey! and the economy sucks! While I suffered through a miserable job my blog was born to distract myself becoming completely depressed. Surprising to me, it turned from distraction to a site people actually visited. I ditched the job (ahem, got laid off) and kept up with the blog. Right now the blog is still a side project and I plan events and work alongside a much more successful blogger for a little income. I'm kind of having a blast."
How can you not love Melanie?

Thank you to all our judges who happily agreed to help me chose the winner for this contest! I really appreciate it!

I'd also like to shout out my advisory committee consisting of Jenny of Hank and Hunt and Lisa of With Style and Grace (my two online bff's) for helping me narrow down all the amazing entries to the best of the best. I totally adore both of you and your design styles and thank you for your support with everything that I do.

Have you started on your inspiration board yet? What are you waiting for! You have until the end of your day on Friday, November 5 to get them in!!!!


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You Are My Fave said...

Yes, how could you not love me?

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