Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who is Lockheart and why do I heart them?

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As you know, I have partnered with Lockheart to bring you this fabulous inspiration board contest. I realize that many of you probably don't know about them so let me help you get to know them.

Lockheart was created in 2006 by Jennifer Tash and Trang Huynh. Together with Genette Sasser, the team creates impeccably crafted, artisinal leather goods. They design statement bags with an obsession to the details, much like us party girls.
Vibrant colors, tons of pockets and dimensional detailing really set them apart from the other handbag companies on the market. You can tell just by looking at them in person that the materials are top quality and that manufacturing relies on an artistic hand.
Based in Los Angeles, the company draws inspiration from everywhere, be it travels abroad to the local laundromat.
With Trang's background in bridal couture and Jennifer's keen sense of style a natural partnership was formed.
Genette joined the pair in 2002, while at another company, where she designed intricate leather footwear. She brings that artistic expertise to the handbag designs to create truly original pieces.
As the owner to several Lockheart bags (see my Nellie with me in San Antonio, oh yeah, and my husband too.) I can attest that these bags are like little works of art. On that trip alone, I was stopped no less then five times to talk about the bag. The amazing fabrics chosen to line the bags, the exquisite hardware and the magnificent design details blow my mind. For those of us who enjoy fashion trends while not wanting to be dictated by them, Lockheart is the ideal bag.

I want to thank them immensely for participating in this contest with me!


Photos 1-4 via Lockheart
Photo 5 by Kayla Bruns

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matzsmith said...

I am not big on BIG bags but these are the exception!!


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