Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A little music to inspire your inspiration boards...

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I'm a music lover. And the music we played at our wedding was really important to us. My husband to be and I created lists for the DJ, some of which got played and some of which did not (like the pre-ceremony music of hit songs from the year 1989 when we met in 7th grade - boo). We know so many more DJs now then we did when we got married 7 years ago, but even so, if we were getting married today, we probably would just put our own playlist together. And while we have our favorite songs, we certainly would need some help rounding out the overall sound. That is where Hi-Fi Weddings comes in. But its not just for weddings either. This is one of the best resources for honest to goodness great music online so you should definitely check it out when you are planning your next party. From the alphabetized list of perfect songs to the playlists submitted by readers, this site is both eye candy and ear candy.

And in honor of the inspiration board contest, I reached out to Ashley of Hi Fi Weddings and asked her to create an inspiration board as a sample for anyone out there who was still on the fence about entering. For her inspiration piece, I chose the album cover for Matt Costa's newest album, 'Mobile Chateau'. I've had this cd for a few weeks now and every time I see the cover I go to my special party planning place. My mind starts whirring, my eyes go blank and all of the party details just kind of spew out. So I decided to pass it along to Ashley and see what she came up with.

If you don't know Matt Costa, you should totally check him out (there is a free download from the new album available on his site). He's a fantastic songwriter, has a cool mellow vibe and a really amazing tone. And without further ado, check out the fantastic board to go with it!


Photo Sources:

I love the sort of dreamy feel of this board and how cool are the bright colored glass bottles? This is a totally sophisticated version of a carnival and is still playful and fun. So cool! Thanks Ashley!!!! You can see she used different sized photos and artfully arraigned them in a beautiful way. If that is too much for you to handle, you could certainly keep everything the same size and just line them up. Really, you don't have to be a professional to do one of these boards. Being artsy (like Ashely) helps, but is not mandatory.

Oh and guess what? Brushfire Records, Matt's label, sent me some cd's to put in one of my prize packages and all are perfect background music for entertaining! They are:

Matt Costa - Mobile Chateau
Alo - Man of the World
Zee Avi - Zee Avi
Rogue Wave - Permalight

Remember on Monday, November 8th, my readers will have a chance to win some amazing prizes so be sure to come back and leave comments. More prize info will be announced up until November 8th so check back to see what other goodies will come with these cds.

And don't forget to go check out the guest mix I did for Ashley for a delightful yet creepy Halloween soundtrack!


Huge thank you to Ashley of Hi-Fi Weddings and Brushfire Records!


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