Monday, September 13, 2010

Baby food should be cooler

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Oh hello. You may be thinking where the heck have you been. I have come to realize that multi-tasking and blogging do not go hand in hand for me. It's been a crazy busy few weeks but that should all slow down starting next week and I'll be posting a bit more regularly. Here is what is keeping me busy right now:

1. Tonight is the awards party for the Just Spotted blog awards at Pretend City. The kids are pumped for this!

2. Today is the first day of preschool for my oldest son! So glad we are doing the afternoon session. Mama doesn't like to wake up early.

3. I am preparing the last minute details for an exciting photo shoot that happens tomorrow. I should be able to share a few more details about that later this week.

But for now I wanted to share a few photos of how when a traditional baby shower game is styled right, it becomes waaaaaay cooler. Don't ask me why I decided to post this, I have 900 other things on my post list, but here it is.
This one is super simple. Just a quick monochrome cover and simple letter and you've elevated a run of the mill party game to a bit more sophisticated. Via JayeJaye's flickr stream.
Allison from Thirty Duo created custom labels to give the jars a uniform look. Not showing is the number of the jar to keep all the guests on the same page. The yummy descriptions shown on the jars are definitely NOT the real flavors, except maybe in Europe. :)
This last one is one of my fave's by Shanna (and her sister's in law) from My Favorite Everything. Ditch the labels, add a simple tag with twine and put in a rustic chic tray. Boom. You've got yourself a pretty little game. Shanna's blog was also nominated for a Just Spotted blog award so chances are good I'll be seeing her later tonight. Look at that. This post did go full circle after all. Funny what a little coffee will do...

Until we meet again...

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Shanna said...

Thanks for the mention! Was just thinking about you and your awesome hair that Tera did for the BlogCrush party!! Love this baby shower game post....funny how easy it is to turn something silly, into cool :-)



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