Friday, September 3, 2010

Have you seen this fairy party?!

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There are so many posts in the works, but it's just one of those nights. I am about to return some emails and then turn the computer off, gasp! I know. I don't believe it either. I won't even tell you that I am looking forward to putting all of my attention in to watching Jersey Shore...oh dang. Did I just let that slip...

I just had to share this sweet little find with all my party loving readers. Have you seen the blog, This Mama Makes Stuff? Carrie is super crafty, super athletic, a mother to 3, soon to be 4, adorable kids and creator of This is Me, a kid's first keepsake journal. Oh and she plans really cute parties. Take the party above she just had for one of her daughters. She doesn't have a ton of pictures up but you should definitely hop over and read all her details and links to all the resources, here to see more about the invitation and here for more food details. I love the look of this party. It's so refreshing to see a little girl's fairy party in something other then pink or purple. Whilst over at her blog be sure to peruse her "party" category. She's got an amazing and different idea for a baby shower, instead of games and a few other really cute parties. Do it. Go now.

all photos from This Mama Makes Stuff

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Thecitycradle said...

I love the overflowing dark bowls, what a lovely and inviting table!


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