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OC Vendor Spotlight - Found Vintage Rentals

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Boys 5th birthday - "Oh the Places You'll Go"

Foibles, Follies and Friends Cocktail Party

A sweet baby shower

Somebody please pinch me. Did that really happen? It totally did!! Somehow, I managed to wrangle myself a photo shoot with the one and only Found Vintage Rentals in Fullerton, CA. You know, the company that is everywhere right now (in a good way). You may have seen them on Sweets Indeed's blog, Green Wedding Shoes and the most dazzling pink and fig loveliness on Snippet & Ink. I initially met with them to discuss items that could be used at an upcoming baby shower my family is throwing. But I went about it all wrong. I tried to use them as you would a traditional rental service. I had them quote me on all kinds of seating and large items but it wasn't working in my budget. It makes sense, these pieces are one of a kind and Jeni has traveled far and wide to bring them to you. Which means, some of them could end up being pretty costly. So then I thought about using a few key pieces to add that something special to the party without making costs skyrocket. And the photo shoot was born.

I want to share with you how you can put together an inexpensive, but amazing party using some home-made decor and a few spectacular pieces from Found Rentals. I decided to put together three party vignettes to abbreviate what the actual party might look like. In most cases, I started with a card table (my mom in law's, from her wedding) because this is something almost every at-home party thrower has. I'm pretty excited about the results and you will see that is due, in no small part, to the rental items from Found. This post will highlight the rental items used and the rest of the week will get in to the details of the party set ups.
The amazing vintage suitcases and globe took this party to the next level. While my decor and signage are cute, the vintage pieces really brought character to this set up. The globes and suitcases range in price from $10 -$20 a piece. In my post about the travel party, you will get to see a close up of the interior of the suitcase on the table...stunning!! They just don't make things like this anymore.

I can't get over how great this distressed wooden box looks. It makes you wonder about it's life and all that it has been through. This idea works perfect with this particular party theme as it is all about encouraging the young boy to see the world and explore. This box is a little more expensive at $65, so you may opt to not use this at your party. But this is a photo shoot, so you make it look good. :) And both Jeni and Allison of Found Rentals have an amazing eye for design. If you need a little extra guidance, don't be afraid to ask. They can suggest items that you would have never thought of.

Are you dying over the color of these vintage seltzer bottles? And the yellow right along with it makes me want to scream in delight.

For the cocktail party set up we got rid of the card table and used vintage carts. The tall runs for about $30 and the short runs $20. They have great lines which help keep the feel modern but the worn quality keeps it from feeling too cold. And the way homes are built these days there is barely adequate space to entertain in the home. This cart display barely takes up any space so you can invite over more then 4 people.

I'm having a really hard time writing this post. I'm trying to be restrained but I really want to gush about all these pieces. Can you imagine this little gem in your own kitchen? And simple stacked lemons add the perfect pop of color and some life to the tabletop. For $10, this scale can visit your next party.

When I first saw this bassinet, which rents for $20, I immediately thought of these draped garlands by Hank and Hunt (more on them in future post). I love that the frill is the perfect contrast to the aged paint. But I think this has more uses then just baby showers. Can you imagine a sort of this-is-your-life adult party where it is filled with the guest of honor's favorite things from childhood?

This adorable blue box is $5 to rent and adds interest and elevation to the table. The white finials, a set of 3 for $5, well, I never would have thought to add finials to the table. But Allison brought them out and they were exactly what the table needed. These Found girls are great at what they do.

This little blue stool, $5, takes the cake for me. That was not intended as a silly pun since it is holding the cake, I just really love the color, size, everything. And the way the pink of the frosting (by Meringue Bake Shop ~ more on them later too) plays off the blue is just sweet as candy.

These affordable items are a small representation of what is available from Found Rentals. Their collection includes lounge chairs to one of a kind farm tables and unique accessories. Jeni has been collecting furniture for 15 years and love taking vintage items and making them new with updated upholstery and using them in interesting ways. Lucky for us, her collection is now available for our parties. All it takes is a quick visit to her shop (appointments please!) to get a real sense of her passion. Even the bathroom in their offices is to die for. Peek in the warehouse and you'll think you've died and gone to vintage heaven. Have your parties been missing that really unique quality? Give Found Rentals a call for your next party.

112-B West Commonwealth Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92832

A HUGE thank you to Found Rentals for doing this photo shoot with me! I'm so glad that I got to work with Allison and see, first hand, how talented she and the Found family is.

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All photos are mine.


Jenny @ Hank + Hunt said...

I love the idea of vintage rental props! What a fab idea to get great stuff in the party or shoot without cluttering up your home after! It makes so much more sense! And the stuff is so darn gorgeous!

Kristin said...

GREAT post! I never knew about Found until you told me about them. Now I know who to use to dress up my dessert bar clients.

Kristy {the purple pug} said...

O.M.G. How charming & beautiful. I love all of the set-ups. It is amazing how little you really need to spend and utilize to make a huge & gorgeous statmement. Totally crushing on the seltzer bottles and the little blue stool at the end of the post. Beautiful & dreamy. Fabulous job:) said...

we also love FOUND...such a great idea. And thanks so much for using our printable doilies! YEAH!


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