Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Found Rentals Photo Shoot - Oh, The Places You'll Go

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Yesterday I detailed all the amazing rental items from Found Rentals in the photo shoot we put together a few weeks ago. Today I'm going to give a few details on what was the inspiration behind each theme. I LOVE this idea for a little boys birthday party. Could it possibly be because I have two little boys and will probably do this theme for them one day? Maybe. :)

It's no coincidence that you can always find Dr. Seuss' "Oh, the Places You'll Go" around graduation time. It's inspiring and awesome. But the real inspiration came around this past Christmas. They sell a deck of cards that sort of go along with the book and each card details some crazy location around the world and gives facts about it. I bought it for my 6 year old niece and as we sat there looking at them, she was incredulous that such places existed. Fast forward to this party theme. I didn't want to do the usual bright colored, whimsical Dr. Seuss party so I went with the more literal travel theme.

I bought a few travel themed books from a local thrift store and found an amazing atlas there as well. I tore pages from the atlas to create the "Happy Birthday" sign as well as the paper airplane garland. I was totally inspired by the vintage suitcases that we would be using from Found Rentals and decided to go with a more vintage feel then you might generally find at a child's party.

I used vintage travel posters that I found via Google images for mini garlands. Who doesn't love a garland, right? (you can only see it partially here. I think Found Rentals has a better photo of it so I will link up with them if they post it).

Meringue Bake Shop provided the adorable blue chocolate plane suckers and topped marshmallow treats. Both are totally kid friendly and worked perfectly with the decor. (Did I mention they tasted like a party in my mouth?).

My favorite part of this theme was my idea for a guest book. In thinking back on my travels, starting from when I was young, I thought about the souvenirs that I collected. I always wanted to bring something back with me to remind me about where I had been. For a while it was junky trinkets that I bought at the airport before we left because I had had too much fun on the vacation to think about a trinket to bring home. Then it was shot glasses thanks to a Caribbean cruise taken when I was 18 where we stopped at island after island that I never ever wanted to forget and an alcoholic beverage holder seemed like just the thing I would look back fondly over. But this guest book was inspired directly from my oldest son. Wherever we are, be it Target, preschool, a park, my son loves to take home a rock. I always roll my eyes, tell him to hurry and get one and then brush the dirt from his hands as he drops the rock in the car. But maybe he is on to something. I had some of our family members and friends right their name on a rock and also the farthest or favorite place that they have been to. When the party is over, the guest of honor can keep all the rocks in a bowl, on display in his room. Whenever the mood strikes, he can read the rocks and be inspired to find out more about each location mentioned and think about visiting it himself. As he grows and one day travels, maybe he chooses a rock as his souvenir. He can bring them home and keep them all together and those become his memories to share with his children.

This was a really fun theme to do. And as I mentioned yesterday, Found Rentals totally exceeded my expectations. In both their rental items and styling abilities, I was a happy camper. Check back tomorrow for our cocktail theme.


All images are mine.


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

I love those water bottle labels, and the rock idea...super cute & creative!

kira@paperandcake.com said...

I love the little map airplanes...such a sweet touch! Your details are really perfect.

Jenny @ Hank + Hunt said...

Loving the rock idea! And the paper airplanes made out of maps! It's perfectly cute without being cutesy. Perfect for minimen!


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