Friday, August 13, 2010

Cool balloons? Is it possible?

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*BEST OF...Originally posted 3/26/09 but I still love large balloons. I still believe balloons can be used in a non-dorky way, it is just very seldom that we see it.

So, I am not a huge fan of balloons as decor. It may be due to the many balloon arches we had to put together for ASB in high school or the fact that I jump out of my skin when balloons pop. And any quick search of the web will show you the super cheesy balloon and tulle decor that may have been cool in the 80's (you know, when taffeta made the perfect formal dress) but it no longer makes you stand out...At least in a good way. But lately, I've been seeing some balloons that are totally cool and super modern and I had to look in to it more. You may have seen this post over at Totally Tabletops. And I thought, wow, those balloons are huge. I think I am in love. And then promptly moved on and forgot all about them. But then, I noticed that House of Style on MTV is back! I used to LOVE this show so I was super excited. I set up my DVR and couldn't wait for the kids to go to bed to watch it. And what did I see when turned it on? Over sized balloons!!!! Okay, how cool would those be at a party? Super bright colors, everything else stark white? You hardly need anything else decor wise. Since these over sized balloons are so eye catching, forgo the little details and let the big ones speak for themselves. So I set out to uncover these balloons in a party setting. It was so hard!!! I found that the balloons themselves (I'm thinking a 36" balloon makes the most sense for at home entertaining - anything larger would probably take on a mind of its own and potentially cause havoc) are readily available at most party stores, at least on line such as Party America. But finding these balloons used in a cool way online was pretty hard. See what I have found above. And if you have any sources of your own, please share. Now, I must look in to finding black ones for O's rockstar party. And just keep your fingers crossed that one of the little kids doesn't grab a hold of them up and get carried off in to outer space...Oh yeah, and while you can click on the link below to watch House of Style and check out the "enchanted" dinner party by designer Erin Fetherstone. It's pretty and whimsical and seems like it would be fairly easy to recreate at your own home.


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Robyn said...

I am with you on the whole balloon thing. I used to be a staunch anti-ballooner, until I discovered the beauty and fun of the BIG GIANT balloon! I always order mine from car lot suppliers. Car dealerships use the big round ones. They look great with a light stick inside, floating in a swimming pool en masse.


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