Friday, August 20, 2010

Found Rentals Photo Shoot - The Wrap Up

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A big thank you to Found Rentals for doing this photo shoot with me! But there are number of other very important people that need to be thanked as well...

THANK YOU! to Meringue Bake Shop for providing all the deliciously perfect treats for each of the set ups.

THANK YOU! Hank and Hunt for providing the glorious fabric garlands. I have gotten to use them at two events so far and love! the look they provide.

THANK YOU! Paper and Cake for creating the most amazing paper doilies that were missing from my life. They really made this party work for me and it would have been nothing without them.
A HUGE THANK YOU! To my great friends Carole and Amy for...everything. They came with me the day of the shoot to help me style and act as the most patient assistants to help me get the right shots. Both know my bossy side and for them to agree to help means they are true friends. :)

THANK YOU, THANK YOU! to Allison and Jeni (not pictured) of Found Rental for doing this shoot with me. What a great opportunity to be around true style experts.

AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH! to my mother in law, Marie, for schlepping me and all my party stuff down to the shoot site the day of, helping throughout the shoot. She also helped me by crafting (that mini vintage travel garland...all her!) and for picking up the slack with the boys so I could focus and create! And also thank you to my mom and husband for watching the boys and dealing with my craziness as I prepared for the shoot and moving all at the same time!

Whose next? I've got another photo shoot idea up my sleeve...


All photos mine. Pudgy mom arms are mine too. :) P.S. my hair is way cuter now thanks to Ms. Tara Rae Stephens. Wish I had seen her before these shots!!


marielex1 said...

Your Welcome!

Kristin said...

thank you for asking me to help out with this! it was fun to make something along with cupcakes. glad you liked everything and that it worked so well with your setups. :)


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