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Found Rentals Photo Shoot - A Super Sweet Baby Shower

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My final post of the Found Rentals photo shoot is my favorite. This baby shower is probably the girliest party I have ever put together. And while it isn't as girly as it could be, this was big time for me. I have two boys and a bff who is on her 4th kid but likes her stuff very clean and modern. This is the party I've always wanted to have. The bassinet that Found Rentals had for me to use is simply perfection. I knew, instantly, when I first laid eyes on the garlands by Hank and Hunt that they would be prominently featured in this set up, and certainly draped along the bassinet. I mean, how great are they! A big thank you to Jenny for rushing them to me for the shoot date. And I knew that I would want to use my fave thrift store sheet find. The colors are vibrant and girly while incorporating blue which I absolutely LOVE. Who says blue can't be girly? (P.S. the sheet I was talking about was the one used IN the bassinet).

The party finally came together for me when I came across these paper doilies designed by Paper and Cake. I had purchased their Lemonade party pack for a baby shower I am doing for my mom in law (and actually am not using it - but look out for a feature in the future...) and stopped dead in my tracks when I spied the most gorgeous, intricate doilies. The originals are done in black and white but of course I had to modify them to match my fabric. Since I know how to make these kinds of changes, Paper and Cake said go ahead and take care of it, otherwise, feel free to contact them and have them customize their printables for you (for a nominal fee :). In order to get the colors to match the fabric that was my inspiration, I scanned it and then fiddled until I got the colors close enough. Once happy with the colors, I resized the doilies and used them for table decor, the hanging garlands, and the welcome sign on the front of the table. I will be using these over and over again. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THEM!

The bassinet from Found Rentals was just stunning. For this party, I set it up for being a place for gifts to be held. I could certainly see it being used in other ways as well. Can you imagine it set up on a table with a statement floral arrangement cascading out? Or filled with snack bags of kettle corn, etc. set out in a help-yourself manner. While being "vintage" it still seemed inviting and I wanted to crawl up in to it and take a nap.

Here is a shot of the sheet that I just die over. I want it in a dress, I want it for sheets, I want it as a tablecloth at my house except then I'd have to rope off the dining room as my walking stains (kids) would surely ruin it. The natural wood peeking through the peeling paint on the bassinet inspired me to use twine throughout the party too. I love twine. It kept the party from feeling too precious.

Although lemonade themed parties are all over the party blogs right now, these are the actual inspiration for my parties. I was sent these amazing Santa Cruz organic lemonades in a variety of flavors and loved everything about them. I love the look and thought it was awesome that I could use them as is, and not have to transfer each in to another vessel just for looks-sake. I slapped on a twine detail and that was that. I have plans for these lemonades in upcoming posts...stay tuned. The flavors, surely won't disappoint and I know they are readily available in stores throughout the U.S.
To keep the costs down, I used clear plastic cups and then just embellished them with labels also found in the lemonade party printable from Paper and Cake (again, modified the color). I love the hand written element for the names. So often I feel like my parties are a bit A special thank you to one of my bff's, Kayla Bruns, who was vacationing in CA from Texas and graciously lent her perfect writing and crafted with me in preparation for this shoot.
It is hard to see from these shots, but the letters used for the "welcome" sign are silver glitter chipboard letters. I loved the tiny bit of sparkle they added to an otherwise simple table. And I loved the juxtaposition of the glitter glam with the rustic twine.
Again, Meringue Bake Shop brought it with the mini pies and the pink lemonade cupcakes. They perfectly matched the tablescape and fit right in to the theme. And I didn't know it until later that they were freaking delicious. And how great are they displayed on and around the blue pieces from Found Rentals???
Here is a look at the scanned fabric idea that I had. I also incorporated the paper doilie in to the game cards I made. This game is one I blogged about before, that my bff Taryn, created for my first born's baby shower, but I cute-ed it up. I love how it turned out and I love using the golf pencils (easily found at Smart & Final stores) to go along with the games.

Well, there you have it. That was the last of my themes for my photo shoot with Found Vintage Rentals. What an amazing opportunity and experience. Look for more photo shoots on the blog in the future. Orange County is ripe with talent and I look forward to working with it.


All photos are mine.

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abigail @ Paper & Cake said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! the colors & the styling... everything turned out just perfectly :)


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