Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sew Stylish Cocktails

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As if I have time to take on a new hobby... Yup, I went and joined a sewing class. I have mentioned Carole several times before and I finally decided that she needed to teach me sewing. Well, me and four other friends. We meet once a week for about an hour and learn to sew via great projects that Carole finds for us. My plan is to learn to sew well enough that I can make all my own clothes (and in my head they don't look like potato sacks). And since I am me, I decided that we needed to make them more in to tiny little week night parties. For the first class I planned on making a really girly cocktail and have a yummy cake (Carole's bday just happened to be the next day and one of the sewing chics, Amy, is an exceptional baker). But what cocktail? I was recently sent this fantabulous, girly cocktail cookbook to review, "The Stylish Girl's Guide to Fabulous Cocktails" by Colleen Mullaney. The book has over 80 cocktail recipes (each with shoe suggestion) "that every stylish girl should have in her cocktail wardrobe." So really sewing and cocktails are the perfect match and I found the perfect cocktail in the champagne cocktail section of the book. I chose to make the Broadway Bellisimo, which is a tantalizing concoction of strawberries soaked in raspberry vodka (in my world, nothing but Absolut Raspberri would work), pureed and topped with Rose Champagne...holla! It tasted as good as it sounds. The book is clever and fun and would make a great gift for a girlfriend, sister, mom and any other girly, girl in your life. With cocktail horoscopes and lists of which movies pair best with which cocktails, this is more then just a cookbook. I want to also note that usually when I try to make a mixed drink, it tastes like finger nail polish remover. This one was delicious and I will for sure be trying more from it. The author, Colleen, also has a blog on stylish entertaining with great tips for celebrating with ease. She has multiple other themed books and she's a mom. I bet she knows how to sew too.

This will be the cocktail cookbook that I look to first when I need a recipe. Colleen has graciously allowed me to share one of her special recipes with my readers. I hope you enjoy. Try it and let me know how you like it!!

The Ruby Slipper
serves 4

8 oz. vodka
4 oz. triple sec
4 oz. pomegranate juice
2 oz. freshly squeezed lime juice
1 cup ice

Mix the first four ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Allow the mixture to sit for one minute, giving time for the flavors to marry. Strain into martini glasses and serve.

(p.s. I'll be sharing photos from every sewing class. Last week was Gangsta Rap week bee-yatch! )

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Thecitycradle said...

YUM & I have those same glasses:) Who doesn't love a little IKEA in with their cocktail???


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