Monday, July 19, 2010

Real Parties - In your favor

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It's been months since my son's Art Gallery Opening Reception 4th birthday party. There is still at least one more post to go after this one. I won't even tell you where I am posting from. Sometimes you do what you gotta do to get a post done. Let's move on to the topic at hand, favors. I love a good party favor. The kid's party favor has certainly gone a bit overboard. And I include my parties in that judgement. I set out to buy one great little trinket that the kids will love, but then I see something else that they have to have. It snowballs until I believe that if such a thing existed that my favor would win "Best Favor in all the Land." This party was no exception. Since it was an art party, I knew it would have some art supplies but I wanted to do something a bit different. I have to confess, this was one of the last pieces of the party to come together so it lacked a cohesive direction and ended up a little of this and that. I first found the disposable cameras in the Target dollar section. My son loves taking photos and I knew that other kids would geek out getting their own camera. The cameras had wedding graphics and wording all over them so I created stickers to put over all of that stuff. It made them way more colorful and interesting. I also knew that after attending art functions in Los Angeles lately that dorky mustaches and too cool shades were a must for the guys (and who doesn't also love a girl with a mustache? Just kidding, they got cute rings and lipgloss instead). I packaged those items in an "Instant Art Show" kit, with different packaging for the girl's and boys. This was one of my favorite parts of the whole favor bag. I spent more time on the design then I should have but I had a lot of fun with it. I hope you'll be able to read the small text. To round out the favor bag, I included some inexpensive art supplies like a stamp and a stencil and a custom pencil with Oliver's art show name "Believe the Hype" from Oriental Trading Co. I struggled with what to put all the dodads in. Do I do a small paper bag or a reusable canvas bag? I wrestled with this conundrum for a week or so. Do I hate the earth and use paper that kills trees or use a canvas bag that the kids can customize and use over and over but costs more and could potentially kill me if my husband finds out how much I spent on the favor bag alone (and I will just gloss over the fact that all the plastic, probably toxic, in the goody bag will sit in a landfill until Oliver's great, great, great grandchildren are 4). Then I found it! A tutorial to turn a t-shirt into a reusable shopping bag (can't remember where I originally saw this link). Done. As we have 600 t-shirts sitting around in a storage unit from a defunct company my husband started I had all the materials I needed. I turned this project over to my pal Carole and she cranked out the 30 bags that I needed. The goody bags were displayed on a table at the party and each one was labeled with the kid's names accompanied by Oliver's 'Indifferent Face' drawing and some other framed drawings he had done. I hear that most of the parent's have stolen the bags from their kids, so looks like there were favors for everyone!

See the rest of the Art Party here!

All photos are mine or by Ryan Sasser of Carta Society

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