Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A simpler blackboard guest book

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Effing Martha Stewart. Why does she have to make everything look so easy? Of course her magazines showcase all the other amazingly talented crafty people in the world. I already know that I am craft challenged. But I can't give up hope. I just know that one day, when I'm planning a party, and I decide to attempt one of her amazing party ideas it will work. I will burst in to tears and my knees will buckle and I will fall in to a triumphant heap on the floor. But until then, I will try as hard as I can to figure out easier ways to achieve end results similar to hers. Take the blackboard guest book featured in Martha Stewart Weddings for instance. Seems pretty easy right? Well, these types of standing blackboards are expensive. I thought that instead we could use blackboard paint and make our own. But all my wood working helpers told me it wouldn't work. Why didn't you try to make it yourself you ask? Because I am even worse with home improvements then with crafts. Just as I was about to give up on the idea A came through with the perfect blackboard we could borrow. Yeah!!!! But alas, the board had to be set up indoors so with unnatural lighting and camera flash, this idea was doomed.
Above is the best shot that I got. Our intention had been to make these in to a digital photobook for the guest of honor. As hard as we tried to get everyone to write a message, we missed more then half of the guests at the party. If there had been one entry point, this would have worked a bit better. Or if we could have had it in a more prominent place at the party, people would have seen it and been a bit more playful. I could see this working. But next time I would certainly do it differently. To start, I don't think you need the big chalkboard. Recently I have seen two alternatives that I feel would work great.
Paper Source has these Wallies that adhere to the wall. The pack comes with four so you can either use just one, or do some sort of creative layout. These are sold for $19.95 and say they are removable.
There are also options available from One Step Ahead. They sell a 2 pack of 9" x 12" panels for $9.95. It comes in slate or schoolhouse green. They also have an option for a 25" x 38" panel for $24.95. I would certainly give this idea a try again in the future. Once I fail a second time, though, I write it off as an impossible task. So far on this list is surfing, being in the cold and giving myself a pedicure. Has anyone else used this guest book idea? I am curious about the results...

Inspiration photo via Martha Stewart Weddings
Photo of world's most adorable boy by me
Wallies photo via Paper Source
Letter chalkboard panel photo via One Step Ahead

BTW - this week is moving week. This will probably be my last post. Check back next week!!!!!

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birthday girl said...

i'd never seen those wallies before- but i like that idea! leave it to paper source... i love that place.


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