Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Recipes by Busy Dad

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It really is a small blogging world. I didn't know until after
we stopped working together that my friend Lisa's husband
is a blogger also. Turns out he's HUGE! And there is a
reason he has a large and loyal following. He is a dad,
fiercely funny and a brilliant writer. I'm totally in awe of
his skills. You have to check out his blog,
The Busy Dad Blog. But it doesn't stop there. Turns out
he also cooks. He sounds too good to be true doesn't he?
He is participating in a Tastemaker Challenge - you can
read more about the challenge here - and needs your vote
to win. All you have to do is watch the video, sign in to
Youtube and click on the stars to rate it.) How the heck
did this get on a party planning blog I hear you asking...
Duh, you could totally use these recipes at your next party.
Well...probably not for most children's parties as most of
the kids I know shun seafood like tissues (sorry, I'm going
through a nose picking thing right now...). And maybe not
for a baby shower on account of the vomit factor, but I'm
sure they would work for a lot of other parties. I don't know
what the prize is if he wins, but he is representing for all the dad's out
there as the only guy in the competition and legitimately deserves
to win. He has my vote. Does he have yours? And while you are
logged in to Youtube, search 'briansharon' to watch some funny
videos my husband has made of our family (minus the newest
baby because apparently my husband has also been a busy
dad). And as seems to happen when I blog in the middle of the
day, I have lost one of the kids. Rest assured, there are no weather
balloons around...ok, less then two weeks until our move. I better
get back to packing.

-you may notice that the spacing is all wonky. I thought about fixing it and
it's the thought that counts right...

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BusyDad said...

Hi there! Lisa actually emailed me about you today and then this also popped up in my Google alerts. Nice to "meet" you. And thanks for getting the word out to get people to rate the video. There's no prize - simply the satisfaction that people dig my food creations. But really, isn't that all we ever need? We also all get flown out to the Blissdom conference in Feb where we will duke it out live. Can't wait!


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