Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How do they do it? Taryn's Birthday Dinner

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This past weekend we held a very fun birthday dinner for my good friend Taryn. I have mentioned the always amazing, Eve -The French Canadian Caterer, before and I was super excited to get to use her again. Taryn and I had always talked about having Eve over to do a small cooking class with us so I set it up that Eve would teach Taryn a few things while we were setting up for the party. So not only did Taryn get to learn how to make some amazing treats (the above photo is them filling cream puffs that they made from scratch) but also make dinner for the 14 close friends attending the party. To make sure that Taryn didn't work too hard, I asked our good friend, Genette, to come early too to provide extra hands. While Erika and I set up the dinner table, Genette was able to fill in with whoever needed help. When it was time for Taryn to get ready, Erika finished up on the place settings and Genette and I worked with Eve to finish the meal. We wanted to keep it casual so I just emailed out an invitation (found on IDIY).
The fabrics used on the cheese table are by Amy Butler and were the color inspiration for the whole party.
I didn't get too many photos of the food but, as always, Eve did an amazing job with an awesome herb crusted salmon, scalloped potatoes, steamed asparagus and a wilted salad with bacon and honey mustard vinaigrette. While fish is something that not everyone usually enjoys, this was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone in attendance. I'll see if I can persuade Eve to let me pass on this recipe to you...
Dessert was two large creme brulees and the cream puffs that Taryn and Eve made earlier in the day. The creme brulees were served family style and was delightfully decadent. The cream puffs were topped with a chocolate ganache and I wanted to eat all of them.
We rented two long tables, chairs and linens from our local rental supply house, Baker Party Rental and used simple scrapbooking papers from Two Peas in a Bucket and tons of candles to provide a casual, yet elegant table setting. Erika folded all the napkins in to these pouches and I thought they added just the right touch. In my preparty planning visions I saw lots of candles so I gathered as many as I could. While I was able to find a bunch, I bought even more at Big Lots (okay, side note about Big Lots, I'm totally smitten right now. I saw on their website that they had 12 packs of votive candles and holders for $6 each which breaks down to 50 cents per candle and glass holder which I didn't think was too bad, so I bought five sets. And whilst browsing, I came to find out that they sell some Martha Stewart craft sets and scrapbooking supplies as well as some of her boxed invitations etc., they also had Izze soda by the case and in four packs. I don't remember the exact cost but it was cheaper then anywhere else. Okay, I just needed to share because I have always been kinda snobby about that store, but I'll tell you what, I am certainly going back for xmas gifts...yes, I actually wrote that). Now where was I?
I had Erika grab some fresh flowers and make a couple of arrangements. We used vases that I had bought for my wedding (these things keep showing up at my parties and have long since paid for themselves).
We set the tables up end to end in the courtyard at Taryn's house and turned on the outdoor speakers with some fun music. There were more candles around the courtyard on the ground and it was a lovely evening (okay, who is jealous? This is October in California for you. The hot day turned in to a warm evening and only after dinner and dessert were well over did it start to get chilly).
Here is a group shot of everyone. A huge thank you to Ed, T's husband, for footing the bill, Erika for co-hosting with me, Genette for doing whatever needed to be done (including way too many dishes) and for your designer skills to pull off a classy table (you guys she is a super talented handbag designer for Lockheart - look in to them - awesome!) and Kara for cleaning up after the party.
These are the favors that I made for the party. Really, I made them for me because I seem to get a hangover after two glasses of wine, but I thought it would be a cute idea. The design is the same from the invitation I used and I just modified it to fit the favor.
All the items in the bag were from the travel section at Target and didn't cost very much at all. The party turned out awesome and I was so excited to celebrate Taryn's birthday with her and some close friends. Dangit. seeing these pictures really makes me want to start planning again. It's a sickness. Will it ever end?

(I know these usually run on Fridays, but who knows what will happen this weeks, so be lucky I am blogging at all...)
-Photos by myself or Ryan Sasser (the good ones are his...:)


Lizzie Sorensen said...

What a great blog! thanks for posting on mine so that I found you! That party looked amazing.

lisalyn said...

What a great party. The table is just beautiful....all the candles, nice! Certainly inspiring. :)

Thanks for sharing and for even coming over to visit my blog today!! :) Good luck on the giveaway.

anna said...

I just found your blog.. and i love cupcakes too :) thanks for the fun and inspiring posts!
~ anna at theallergichedonist.blogspot.com


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