Thursday, September 24, 2009

You're invited...

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Kids really do bring people together. I met my friend, Shiwa, when she filled in for one of my co-workers that was going out on maternity leave. The funniest part was that she was also pregnant and would be just about ready to have the baby when my co-worker was due to return. Even funnier, I was also pregnant at the same time. It was safe to say that none of the other women in the company wanted to drink the water. Shiwa was hired, in part, for her graphic design skills and I am so excited to see that she has decided to create a company to share her talent with others. Kreative Lil Invites is a passion for her. She has created very cool photo invites, thank yous, etc. for you to choose from, but she really excels at custom work. Take some time to peruse her samples. She offers girl, boy and unisex options as well as elegant, modern design and colors and character themed. Kreative Lil Invites run between approximately $1 - $2 and turn around is between 2-3 weeks. Be sure to check out her site next week when she will have up some really great options for Halloween and is currently working on her holiday designs as well. Oh guess what? She has graciously extended a discount to our readers. Use the code "LAUNCHPARTY" for 10% your entire Kreative Lil Invites order!!! Congrats, Shiwa!!!!! I'm so proud of you and wish you much success.

all photos from Kreative Lil Invites.
why yes, those are my sons shown in the first sample...:)

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