Friday, September 25, 2009

Cupcakes and Cutlery - All wrapped up

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Today I wanted to show you one of the fun elements that we had at a party recently for my father-in-law. It was a 60th birthday/retirement party and a bit different from the kids parties that we normally plan. And while pictures usually play a large role in decor for a milestone party, this guest of honor did not want them. While we kept to our word for the rest of the party, I thought it would be a nice touch, and fun for the guests, to find a photo in an unexpected place. So I used photoshop to cut out his head and then printed them on round labels. As we had planned on doing a napkin ring anyway, this was a very quick addition and got big laughs. The guest of honor thought it was pretty fun too and we were glad it didn't ruin the night for him. We still need to post about the rest of the party but A has been having computer issues. As soon as she is back on line, you will get to see how the whole thing came together. But I will tell you, it wouldn't have turned out half as well had it not been for the amazing custom work by Paper and Cake. I think you know that we are big fans. They created the "logo" with my father-in-law's initials and provided it as patterned paper (see band around napkins...). Check back soon to see the rest of the party.

photos by A and I.

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Mandy M. said...

What a fun party! I bet he loved being the center of attention (and napkins!) for the night!


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