Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This site knows the way to my heart

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My head is about to explode. My mouth is totally watering and there is a rumbly in my tumbly. I am, as are most of you, in love with Etsy. But what I love even more then amazingly creative, crafty, handmade party decor and gift items is amazingly creative, crafty, handmade food items. Have you seen Foodzie? It is the same idea as Etsy but done with only food and food gift items. The first page I looked at had Ginger Sconettes (perfect for a dessert bar, brunch buffet, unique favor, evening snack, whatevs). And as I started to browse further, I was so glad that my wallet was upstairs as I have bookmarked about a zillion things to try. You can search via categories such as cheese, gifts, snacks, chocolate and candy, etc. but also via dietary restrictions, price, producer, or other key phrases such as organic. Another super cool feature is you can browse by map to see who is producing locally so you can cut down your carbon footprint (thankfully my footprint is so large it reaches in to many other states so I can consider most producers local - oh wait, that's not good at all...) and support local business. You could plan the rest of your party menus from this site alone and find amazing favors as well. Also check out their blog for interviews with some of the producers and for interesting posts on the site itself. These people really have a passion for what they do, from the people who put on the site to all the artisans producing the food sold on it, and it shows. I am a huge fan. Note to my family: looks like it might be a very yummy Christmas for you this year...

all photos via Foodzie.com

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