Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spoon me

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Some of you have seen Eat Drink Chic. It is my new favorite. I think Australians are so super cool and have a ton of amazing products that seem to be really hard to find here. The ice cream parlour feature on Eat Drink Chic has been all over the blogs and again, they feature some amazing party products. So inspired by the sweet party, I set out to find the perfect ice cream spoons for my next ice cream social (I don't have one planned, but these spoons won't take up much room to store and will make a big impact on the party guests). I came across what I think is a great deal. 100 multi-colored gelato spoons for $4.99. Word. In the past it seems like I could only find great spoons available wholesale or in massive amounts. So this was a pleasant surprise. I really think the cuteness of the spoon will make the ice cream taste even better. :) And they also have something called a party pack that includes 15 spoons and 15 (5 each of three different sizes) square gelato cups for $5.99. Now, what excuse can I find to host an ice cream party...


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