Thursday, September 3, 2009

Keep the party alive in pictures

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How do you capture the party?

I am in total photo mode right now. I just learned how to use photoshop actions!!! What the heck are those, you ask. They are perfect, artsy photos at the click of a button. Some photographer has taken the time to automate some of their favorite photo looks so that you can get the same effect without all the trial and error. That is totally how I roll. Just do it for me. Then I'm happy. So, I played around with it a bit during nap time today and can't wait to use it on my photos. But it got me thinking. We spend so much time putting a fabulous party together and most of the time we run out of time to take photos of all our details but also the party guests. I'm getting better at it. The best way for me to handle this is to ask someone else to get some shots so that I can stay in hostess mode. But since that person may or may not know who the party people are, you could end up with photos of some one's guest who no one knows or only pictures of the kids. As a reader of Photojojo, I thought I would look in to what ideas they have for party photos. Take a look here. None of them are very time consuming or expensive, but I bet you will end up with some amazing shots...Now, I am going to make every photo I have ever taken look like it's from the seventies, with just one button. I'm probably going to regret that in the morning.


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