Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Sweet 2nd Birthday!

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Next weekend is the big shindig. A double birthday party for my friend's 5 year old boy, E, and 2 year old darling little girl, K. But, K's actual birthday fell on this past Saturday. T wanted to do something small for her since all of the other extended family members were busy so I volunteered to put together a little party for her and a few of the neighbor kids. I sort of feel like I am cheating on Paper and Cake here, but I used another company's down loadable party!!! How could I!! But actually, the one that I used, from Happy Papers, was the very first downloaded table scape that I bought. I have been dying to use it and it turned out so cute. I thought it would be perfect with a little cupcake decorating. I purchased 6 unfrosted cupcakes from a new bakery I found, Layer Cake Bakery, as well as three different colors of frosting. I put the party hats together and made cupcake picks. I put two colors of frosting in to squeeze bottles that I purchased through Garnish and put out chocolate and butterscotch chips and pink sprinkles. The kids took turns using the frostings and decorated the cupcakes with a very heavy hand. Garnish has the greatest cardboard trays that worked perfect!!! for catching all the excess candy that fell off the cupcakes. I highly recommend them for your parties. It was a very short party as the kids enjoyed their creations just as soon as they were done decorating (or rather, the bowls of candy were empty). The few leftover cupcakes were put in to small white gable boxes (Garnish rocks!) to be sent home with the neighbor kids. This party was super easy to put together, really inexpensive and totally adorable. Happy Birthday K!!!!!!!!!!

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