Thursday, June 11, 2009

Like a fat kid loves cake...

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Where the heck have we been?  I have no good excuse.  Busy.  That's gonna have to do.  And right now, I was not even planning on posting.  I am relaxing, finally, after cleaning the pee off my feet (my son is pretty much refusing to be potty trained.  He can do it, but refuses to.  Which leaves accident after accident for me to clean up.  And of course he capped off the night with a nice big puddle in my bathroom.  Neat.)  I am drinking a glass of wine, but what I REALLY want is a cupcake.  Can I just run out and get one?  No.  I did finally find a yummy place close (relatively) to my house but I'm sure they have closed by now.  If you are ever in Solana Beach, check them out. Cupcake Love is DELICIOUS!!!  They make the best red velvet that I have ever had.  And I'm not usually a fan.  And their fruit flavored cupcakes taste like real fruit, not something resembling the fruit.  Mmmm, I am thinking about the peach one right now.  It should really be in my belly.  I really hope they open a store closer to me.  I would be their "Norm."  They would see me parking and get out the biggest box they can find and start filling it with "usual."  Well, sure I could make cupcakes here, but my son has a food allergy so I usually only make cupcakes that he can eat.  And while they are pretty good.  They are not Cupcake Love great.  And I don't think my neighbor, who makes custom cakes and cupcakes (No More Boring Cakes), would take kindly to me showing up on her door and asking if she has any leftover buttercream.  Which I bet you she has since her latest Facebook status mentioned she was working on a ridiculous amount of cakes for the weekend.  So instead, I'll just peruse this website I recently came across called Cupcake Ideas For You.  It is exactly as the name says, a resource for all your cupcake needs.  Check it out.  They even have vegan cupcake ideas.  So now I will continue to drool over the photos.  And because of the empty glass of wine sitting next to me on the couch, I am unable to drive to the store for a piece of what they consider cake.  Tear.  Have a great weekend.  If you run across any cupcakes, eat one for me.    


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