Friday, May 8, 2009

Rock Star Party - Inspiration Board

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Are you ready to rock?  Planning O's Rock Star party was sooooo much fun.  There was no question in my mind of the theme once I saw Demby and Solomon's Rock Star Party - Boys edition party set.  O has always enjoyed our music (you can keep your Wiggles thank you very much), and LOVES to air guitar so when I saw the hip, modern party set, I knew it was meant to be.  BUT, I had told (perhaps promised) my hubby that I wouldn't do another elaborate party (after the Country Club themed first birthday) until he turned 5.  I knew it was about to get really fun, though, when upon hearing my theme for the party my husband said, "I'll build a stage."  Excuse me?  I must have heard you incorrectly.  A stage?  Oh yes.  A stage.  Game on.   Immediately my head just began planning.  It is involuntary and there is nothing I can do to stop it.  I/We didn't want it to be a cheesey kids rock star party.  More of a grown up feel, real 80's hair band type stuff but super kid friendly.  And I didn't want to copy the Demby and Solomon suite exactly so first I knew it was going to be based on red, white and black.  Where did my head go next?  Candy cigarettes and kiddie cocktails.  Several suggested that might not be well received.  In the long run I know they were right but I thought it would be funny (sordid sense of humor - S party of 1).  So I put together the inspiration board to kind of reel me in.  There are several aspects about the party that are unique to my son, but this party could totally be done very easily for any age.  And I'm not scerred to say it.  Wal-mart turned this mutha out.  I am excited to share the details with you over the next few days.  It was so much fun to plan and even more fun to actually see the kids on the day of the party getting crazy on the stage.  In the end, my husband wanted to do a video invitation in lieu of the Demby and Solomon invite, but I got their personalized stickers to use on the favors and they were AWESOME (photos to follow in separate post).  Tune in Monday to view the video invite.  You are cordially invited to attend the web version of my son's 3rd birthday ROCK STAR PARTEEEEEEEE (as said by said son).

I think if you just click on the polyvore inspiration board above, it will give you the links to all photos used.  Please let me know if that is wrong!  :/


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