Monday, May 11, 2009

Rock Star Party - an inviting atmosphere

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Although I originally thought I was going to use the boys rock star themed party invitations from Demby and Solomon, we ended up only sending out a video invite. We felt like it gave the guests a sense of what to expect at the party and allowed people to really see our son in all his rock star glory. My husband enjoys making little videos of our son, so this was a fun father/son project and helped to get O excited about his upcoming fete as well. He used imovie (we have a mac) to edit and chose the best possible song for the soundtrack - Skid Row's Youth Gone Wild. I supplied more of the party details in the body of the invite. And because the video was emailed, it seemed like I got more RSVP's because people could just hit "reply." The video was also a really cool idea because we could send it to relatives all over the United States and they could see just how grown up O has become. It became somewhat "viral" and ended up in O getting sent a watch from Vestal!!! I'd like to say he is sponsored...There will be separate, more detailed posts on each element of the party. Stay tuned!!!


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