Thursday, May 7, 2009

I've never FELT this way before

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I am so not in to the cutesy stuff. I like crafty things, but they can't be too overdone or fussy. For example, party hats. Of course, for little girls, over the top and frilly is fine, once in a while. But sometimes their are so many sparkles and feathers and pink and sequins that it sort of looks like all of the Disney fairies threw up on their head all at one time. Similarly for boys, if their party hat has too much foof (that is totally a word by the way) - well, I'm just going to say it - I think they look like sissys (I have never had to pluralize that before, it doesn't look right...). When I saw these hats by Cakies, I felt in love - get it (cause the hats are made from felt). They are totally cute but look modern and a bit unfinished (which they may not like me calling them, but I think of it as a good thing - you know not OVER done). I love that they are themey without being overwhelming. I love the colors. I love the shapes. I love the price ($36). This is totally one of those items that you could reuse over and over for special occasions or add to their dress up kits. I do not love dressing my kids up for parties. But I do love the idea of throwing on jeans, a white tshirt and the superhero crown for a super hero party. Totally cool and the kid will be way in to it. Check them out and purchase through their Etsy site. I didn't read all the fine print, but I imagine if you asked really nicely, you may be able to get her to work out a custom crown for you...and don't forget to check out all the other super cute hair clips.


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