Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Be my guest

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Dear Minutes,

Look, I know that there are only so many of you in a day. But I wanted to bring you up to speed on a few things. Have you heard of cloning? Cause they are doing it with sheep now. That isn't useful to me. But if you could get cloned, minutes, just think of all the stuff I could get done. Like O's party pictures. People are asking for them. And I just don't have enough of you to get those posted. Take right now for instance. I have a few spare of you and I am doing a super quick post so as not to leave the readers hanging (fyi, I usually write these the night before they show up on the blog). But then you know what I am going to do? Go to sleep. I don't feel good. My 4 month old is also sick. I imagine he'll want to take a chunk of my minutes in the middle of the night. Just because he can. So please, I beg you. Just say you'll look in to it. Also our ground transportation has improved by leaps and bounds. So instead of flying, like your kind (time) seems to do, please use a slower mode of transport. It would really help us all out. You see, I co-hosted an amazing bridal shower a few weekends ago, and those pictures need to get posted too. The Paper and Cake downloadable tablescape was AWESOME and I really want to show you what we did with it. But, time flies and that post is still on the to do list. At the shower the bride showed me something super cool though, and I am not sure why I didn't think of it (on account of how super cool I am). So I am going to take a few of you minutes and show you her beautiful guest book. We have all done the digital photo books by now. We've probably even branched out a bit and made recipe books. But she did one for her wedding guest book. Had this been around when I got married (or it probably was but hardly any one had digital cameras back then) I totally would have done this. She took her engagement photos and uploaded them to Shutterfly and is using that as her guest book. The rest of you are probably like, duh, but I hadn't thought of that!! For about $30.00, she has the best keepsake ever!!!! We used a blank Kolo photo album for ours but then you end up with all kinds of empty pages. Same thing with a traditional guest book. Not sure why most books include enough space for everyone at your party to leave their sentiments, which is usually their name or a brief sentence, but also enough room for the service staff, all your vendors, the little kid down the street and his science teacher. Lame. There are a ton of options available for these photo guest books including however many pages you want, cover finishes, design elements, font styles. Sheesh! I am so jealous. Of course all the other photo sites do these books too, but I really like how hers came out so I am sharing hers. You can purchase one just like it from Shutterfly. Thank you for your time, minutes (ha!). I appreciate you hearing me out.


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