Thursday, April 30, 2009

All up in my grill

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"It works almost too good." What? What does that even mean? That is what my husband said after he used the Grill Daddy Pro. Have you seen or heard about the Grill Daddy Pro? I was recently sent a sample of this really cool grill cleaner gadget and being that I have never used the barbecue in my life, I decided that my husband would be the best person to try it out. But then he gives me something like, "It works almost too good."

My husband and I moved a few months ago and now live in a large house with a yard. We have been super excited to invite people over for dinner and think we even have a signature meal to make for our guests. We both enjoy a good steak (I mean, who doesn't, well - besides a vegetarian or a cow) but neither of us really make them that well. I have tried them on the stove and in the oven and his weapon of choice is the grill. Mine never come out right and his come out okay but they are nothing to write home over and certainly not something that will encourage guests to return should steak be on the menu again. But we finally found a dry rub recipe that we really like, adjusted the measurements to our liking and now we are ready to grill just in time for summer. BBQ season is just around the corner (or right now since we're on the West Coast) and we are going to be ready. Especially now that the Grill Daddy Pro came in to our life.

You know how when you have people over, you clean your house to make a good impression. At the very least you cram things in to drawers, closets and cupboards so your guests don't have to see how disorganized you really are. But what happens when people migrate outside and end up around the grill? Have you seen most grills? They are NOT pretty. Ours was no different. I always wondered if people looked at it and thought, OMG my food was just baking in that filth. I thought the Grill Daddy Pro did an amazing job getting the guck off. You turn the grill on to heat up and then add only water to the handle. The steam melts the grease right off the grill and the brush really gets in there to finish the job. That is all there is to it. He said you don't even really feel any heat and that I could probably do it... if I didn't have an irrational fear of fire. It looks really modern and is designed to hang with the rest of your bbq tools. He has used it every time we've grilled since we got it. I think he really likes it, but just won't say it. Could it be that he is trying to be macho and pretend that he doesn't need it? Like, somehow the grill is now too clean and that somehow is stealing flavor from the food? I'm just saying...If you are planning on doing any summer entertaining, I think the $24.99 price tag is totally worth it. You can find the Grill Daddy and Grill Daddy Pro at Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Ace and True Value Hardware Stores or online. You can find the luxe Grill Daddy Platinum (made in chrome) through special orders. I can't wait to have people over...well just once since we only have one meal that we make well.


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