Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wood you use these?

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Sorry for the late post today but I am BUSY!!! And tired. I'm highly irrational sometimes (what!!! you!!!! NO! I don't believe it) and last night it was in full effect. You see, my house was making too much noise. It was thumping and creaking, which I know houses do, but never this much for this long. So I started running the evacuation drills in my head. Which kid do I get first? I really should have a bag ready to go, but what is going to go in it? And then I felt it. The tiniest earthquake that you ever did feel. And I HATE earthquakes. So of course, I jumped up and went to check on the babies. And woke my husband up (but he really doesn't wake up so I didn't get the comforting that I was seeking). And of course, I got back in bed and tried to mentally prepare myself for THE big one. It was inevitable. Only a matter of time. And then the creaking of my house slowing went away. And finally, I was able to fall asleep. I feel better getting that out. Thank you all for being my silent therapists and letting me perch on your insanity couch for a minute.

OMG. So now what you really came here for. We've all seen the bamboo cutlery that is out on the market now. But this wooden cutlery set from Conran Shop is stylistically superb (in my opinion). I have no idea about the eco-friendliness of this product (sorry earth - we totally celebrated you yesterday, though) but I would happily use these. I am picturing an elegant picnic for a birthday party, anniversary party, bridal shower, you name it. I know right now, we don't want to invest a ton of money in to the parties that we are throwing. And I think this is the perfect product to elevate your standard paper plate and napkin party. Whenever you give your guests something to talk about (in a good way) it will distract from something you may not be so proud of (ie, my cooking, a cheap paper plate as opposed to real plates, etc.). The cutlery is sold in packs of 10 forks, spoons or knives for $8 and are available at the Conran Shop. (And yes you may have seen these in the May issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray. But again, I'm not stealing ideas. Part of our goal with this blog is to make it a place to come and find all the coolest products when you are planning your party without having to spend hour after hour searching on line. So there.)

No post for tomorrow. As I mentioned I'm working on a bridal shower for Saturday. I'm using the Chandelier downloadable tablescape from Paper and Cake and I LOVE it!!!!!! (And OH MY GOSH I JUST LOOKED AT THEIR ETSY SITE AND THEY HAVE A BACHELORETTE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!)



Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

You totally entertained me with your post today! I'm a mother so I know all about those "evacuation drills" in my head(only mine are for tornados, burglars, fires....crazy, I know)

Yes, yes I "wood" use that cutlery! It is so cute.
Good luck with your party, Saturday!

Anonymous said...

These are pretty swanky. I'd splurge for an all out rooftop dinner party!

Something for only my nearest anddearest.


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